l’odeur de l’essence orelsan lyrics english

l’odeur de l’essence orelsan lyrics english

[Verse 1]
(Re-look again) Nostalgia: to make them sparkle the grandeur of a past France that they have fantasized about
(Look) The incomprehension: to seize those who see their faith denigrated without having anything to ask
(Look) Fear: persuade them that strangers will come to their living rooms to replace them

(Look) Despair: make them take risks to survive where we’ve all piled them up
(Listening) Paranoia: making them believe that we can no longer go out in the street without being in danger

(Listening) Panic: pushing them to scream that the earth is dying and nobody cares jerk off
(listen) mistrust: turn them on, say we can’t eat anything anymore,that we no longer even have the right to think
(Listening) Hatred: make the switch in extremes, light the fire, all fire

The smell of gasoline, the smell of gasoline
The smell of gasoline

[Verse 2]
The games are made, all our leaders have failed
They will be destroyed by the beast they created
Confidence is dead along with respect

What governs us? Fear and anxiety
We destroy ourselves, we look for an enemy
Some say “it’s fucked up”, others are in denial

Billionaires bequeath to their stupid children
The story belongs to those who wrote
No one is listening anymore, everyone is

Everyone gets excited because everyone gets excited
Only strong opinions, nothing is ever precise No
more time to think, tyranny of numbers

Twelve-year-old kids whose media quote tweets
L ‘intelligence sells less than the
Battle Royale controversy , it’s everyone for their own little team (Look)

Facho asshole, hysterical bitch (Look)
Everything is react’, everything is systemic (Look)
As soon as an asshole does something Something wrong
Somewhere the whole world is coming susceptible (Look)

The culprits are former victims
The circle of evil never ended
Everything degenerates, everything is cyclical

No solutions, only criticism
Everyone is sensitive (Sensitive), everything is sensitive (Sensitive)
Everyone is on the defensive (Sensitive) Sensitive
subject, sensitive person (Sensitive)

Sensitive (Sensitive), sensitive ( Sensitive)
Sensitive (Sensitive), everything is sensitive (Sensitive)
Everyone is on the defensive (Sensitive) Sensitive

subject, sensitive person (Sensitive, sensitive, sensitive)
Everyone kisses everyone, want to do the p ‘tit train
One in two discussions is someone who complains

While the rest of the world suffers so that we can live well
Parents drink, it’s the children who drink
Car accidents, domestic violence

Alcohol is always at the root of the evil
Nothing fills the hospital and the court any more
We do not assume to be an alcoholic, it is disgusting to speak ill of it
We take Mongols, give them weapons

Call that “justice”, is astonished by the dramas
Caught in an infernal vortex
Evil is cured by evil and the media feast on it
Whether various facts, hen, fox, viper
Either you are for or you are against , everything is binary

scratchers flirt with extremes Since Mongols have become experts
Surrounded by Mongols, the Mongol Empire
We make the Mongols to please the Mongols
We will fall like the Mongols

Like the Egyptians, like the Romans, like the Mayas, like the Greeks
We have to reboot, we have to reset
We no longer believe anything, everything is deepfake
Faced with the unknown in rejection

Mixture of fear, hatred and sadness
Our contradictions, our dilemmas
Corrupted, I was born into the system

Nobody moves in the same direction, everything is inert
We see that only one form of wealth To
take people’s money is to steal, except when it is It is

Generation Z business because the last one
It is clear that we did not know the war
All the old people vote, they will choose our future

Grandma vote Marine,she has three years to live
fascist YouTubers, pseudo subversives
This is what we have when we censor artists
Nothing ever progresses, many radicalize

In lack of repères and they lose themselves in nostalgia
For a time when others were already nostalgic
D ‘a time when others were already nostalgic

For a time when others were already nostalgic
For a time when—, uh, damn,
Sheep just want a charismatic leader
No empathy, everything is hierarchical

School t’ learns only individualism
It teaches you how to make money, not friends
If the president wins half the votes

It’s thattwo thirds of France did not want it
No need to know what the Senate is
To see that the old rich make the laws, uh

Nobody likes the rich, until they become it
Then they stash their money or freak out Lose it
So many shit jobs, pretend to do it

How many jobs are there just to satisfy our bosses?
Fed on judgments, fed on clichés
While we don’t even know how to feed, we screw up

We don’t know how to manage our emotions so we hide them
Don’t know how to manage our relationships so we spoil them Do not

assume what we are then we are cowards
We never forgive ourselves in a world where nothing is erased
We hang on each other,
We fight to be at the front in a plane heading straight for the crash


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