Luxembourg Taco Hemingway lyrics english

Luxembourg Taco Hemingway lyrics english


[Verse 1]
They have a lot of screaming, and on the map mean so much here at Luxembourg
I see your TikTok and so grind eights that I have toothache
Name: Szcześniak, nationality: Poland Origin: peasant
Overall, I am proud of the fact that he did not have never my house coats of arms

(one, two, three)
Jade beta after a housing estate in Sicily sunroof gives the roar of the drums
listen to what I want and sometimes it is a new Drake , sometimes “Key” Hemp Gru
hunted me czycha wants to eat me, and I know how the vultures’ hunger is strong

This arena is a bull’s Corrida , you wouldn’t fill two rows here
It’s been a long time since I was in Schengen, it was a mistake
Lawyer is sending me e-mails that he is fighting the blind
I do not mean heavy drugs, but pengas.
When I write a verse in my notebook that I am doing emka

Here is Europa LP, Europa LP, Europa LP
Europa LP, Europa LP, Europa LP

[Verse 2]
Dreams so black that you can’t see at night the moon
So I try to look beyond Europe and Titanium
push after Saturnach, push after Empik
They want to copy, copy, copy, copy the bits
Why share art if you multiply capital

are blinded gilt, or beds for VIP and
I am realize that jealousy surf here
because the radio is not playing me up with a nice verse of David
Look at the talent, not your wallet
you sewed for me Lanek crate, not Prêt-à-porter
When carrying Olo, the I have Rioje in the cup holder.

Tell me how many verses you have in the fap folder, heh
Rear mirror, I see Poland in it
Five hundred euro speed camera near Düsseldorf
Today I take blanched asparagus and fillet Roast beef
I’m from Poland, fuck politique, fuck crossfit
I can go a capella, I can go under the beat
I do it like Moby, then I do like Mobb Deep
Not so young Fifi, half Norbi, half Norwid

Europa LP, Europa LP, Europa LP

[Logbook 1]
Logbook Europa, entry first: I
crossed the border of the Republic of Poland, west direction
Date July 13, 2020
I’m alone in the cabin, though I sometimes hear voices. On several occasions I thought I saw someone in the backseat, but when I turn around, no one is there. Temperature outside the window 11 degrees, 3/4 full Diesel, controls: normal, moon: monstrous , this is Europe LP

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