lyrics in english future tycoon song

(DY Krazy)
Starin’ at the candle
Feel the pain on me, nigga, it don’t matter
Got my currency exchanged, got my bands up
(Wheezy outta here)


[Verse 1]
Ain’t got Activis, so fuck it, I had to red it
I sent hitters from everywhere, they had to dead it
You know my niggas, they bangin’ the same color as spaghetti
I got my transport up and I got my Getty
I’m gettin’ the passports stamped, we goin’ steady
They try to cut a nigga throat off with a machete
I know my lil’ bro’s gon‘ kick the door in and let that lead hit
I’m not an imposer so I’m tryna find an exit
They know it’s a thousand cutters hittin’ off if they come for me
Uno gang, twenty-seven, they gon’ gun for me
ABK gon’ broad day, he go’n get it done for
I’ma big dog, they a lil’ son to me


[Verse 2]
Fully auto on the seat they let you take it
I ain’t going no, no, no, I’ma spray you
Let my dog’s off the leash, you gon’ hate it
Twin choppers on me, they my favorite, yeah, yeah
Catch me rollin’ in the Ghost, Patrick Swayze
Travelin’ all across the coast for this gravy
Buyin’ gold by the pound, I upgraded
I came from Lil Mexico, a nigga made it
Posted up outside the store I’m the greatest
If you can make it out the bricks thats amazing
I got my gang from out the 6, ain’t no tradin’
You know the side was two guns blazin’


I’m a ty-tycoon, that’s why they hate me (I’m a ty-tycoon)
‘Till they throw the sheets on me I’m goin’ crazy (Throw the sheets on me)
Got Balencis on my feet,


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