me porto bonito bad bunny & chencho corleone lyrics english

[Intro: Bad Bunny & Chencho Corleone ]
Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, hey
The smell of your perfume stayed on the bus

You’re a rogue, I’m a rogue, that’s what doesn’t unite
She knows she’s hot and they don’t show her
off If I were your cat, I’d upload a photo on Fridays and Mondays ( So )

[Chorus: Chencho Corleone]
Why everyone world see how rich you are’, that you are’
With you I have to squeeze
And I’m on the loose in the street, but for you I take off
If you ask me, I behave nicely

And I upload a selfie so they can see how rich I am you are’, that you are’
The others have to press
In the street I’m loose, but for you I take off
If you ask me to, I behave pretty

[Verse 1: Bad Bunny]
Hey, hey
You’re not a little baby, you’re a little baby
Frikitona, ma’, you can tell

She likes threesomes when she’s in the news
If the boyfriend doesn’t work, she throws him away
And wow , mommy, tell me where I left the resume (Resume)
I know you left me a month ago (Hey, hey)

And from one chest I buzzed
If you want, I’ll make you a baby or I’ll bring you plan B
Uff, mommy, what Rica you see’
For the 2000s I listened to RBD
And now he wants to perreo, all night on the wall
I obsess you, CBD

[Verse 2: Chencho Corleone & Bad Bunny ]
Mommy, you’re an elite (Hey), I don’t love you limit ‘(Okay)
Let me do what you deserve and levitate you
Go ahead and hide (Hey), don’t get angry at me (So)

The satellites won’t be able to get here
Mami, upload something, give me content
Upload that ass more often
I hang out to see if I agree, hey
And finally I find you

Mai, our ‘mischievous’ I never forget
Nobody like you has pleased me
You think ‘that I always tell everyone the same thing

You want to fuck, but you don’t want anything fixed, hey
But trust me she confesses
she says that nobody is interested
but when she goes out, she gets naughty ( Hey )

[Chorus: Bad Bunny, Bad Bunny & Chencho Corleone ] So that
the whole world can see how rich you are, that you are , hey
I have to squeeze with you
And I’m on the loose in the street, but for you I take off
Yes you ask me’, I behave pretty

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