Meek mill lemon pepper freestyle lyrics english

[Intro: Coco O. & Meek Mill]
Tryin’, tryin’, tryin’, tryin’
To get you under my pressure
I been tryin’, tryin’, tryin’, tryin’
What’s up? Cuz (To get you under my pressure)
Let me pop my shit

I can’t cry to get no ho back, I can’t get my bro back
Knowin’ he died about some shit that we did way before rap
Shit, I survived and made it out and I don’t wanna go back

So if you really beat them streets, my nigga, then you should know that
I ain’t forgettin’ where I come from, but I’ma alert that
It’s kill or be killed, if they don’t kill you, you gon’ have to smoke that

In eighth grade, I had a .40, had to learn to work that
Had to learn to tuck that, metal detector, fuck that
We shootin’ dicе in the bathroom, shoot you out your shoes and lunch pass

We’rе the ones who would’ve robbed you, anywhere, you chump ass
She fell in love with a gangsta, say I make her cum fast
I fuck her from the back slow and hit her from the front fast

And now I’m rich, these niggas sick, I’m makin’ everyone mad
When I was broke, I’m like, “Where was everyone at?” I’m fuckin’ up
When I was out there on that corner, tryna sell a O

Timberlands freezin’ in that fuckin’ snow, I’m 1-O
Real trapper, grindin’ all night, I ain’t goin’ to sleep
Seen niggas get it, lose it all, just in quarantine

POA checks runnin’ low, niggas doin’ things
Buy a tracker for your Trackhawk and they tryna put ’em on things
‘Member I was trappin’, I was strapped and had like four fiends
Niggas wanted Chevy, I was young, but I had Porsche dreams

Try to tell my youngins, “Stack this dough, don’t buy no more jeans”
And never post his gun when he be postin’, but he on lean
And fuck, I’ma really tell him when I was stuck in since like fourteen

He said he into drillin’ shit and he ain’t got no more dreams
I set him on this million shit, made twenty of ’em, quarantine
And I’ma run this shit back for the whole team, for real

And as the marathon continue, we put niggas on the menu that ain’t into what we into
Red beam all on his face, I’m tryna see if niggas Hindu when we aimin’ at your headtop
I’m doin’ good, I got Reform, I know I’m drawn, but I could still get your man rocked

I can’t beef with niggas, I’m too busy in this lamb chop
And I only move with niggas that I with grew up with from sandbox
And niggas know I’m big dog, no Sandlot, for real

[Outro: Meek Mill & Coco O.]
Ha (Tryin’, tryin’, tryin’, tryin’)
2021, nigga (To get you under)

Survival of the fittest
I meant for survival of the littest, nigga (My pressure), you already know how we comin’ (I been tryin’, tryin’, tryin’, tryin’)

The biggest stepper, ha
Meek Milly in this bitch (To get you under my pressure)
I want everything on the plate, fuck you


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