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[Intro: L7NNON & Lourena ]
Hail Malak!
Stopping by to talk a little bit about love once more ( Poetry 11 )
Nothing has changed…
Come on

[Verse 1: L7NNON, (Chris MC)]
Oh, you didn’t even tell me your last name so I can find you at Insta
I’m to see if Someone I know knows you, uh (Someone)
Told me it was good to see me on the dancefloor

And that in person it’s better than on the Internet, uh
She plays with the man’s posture
Throws it in the face and then she’s gone

Says she loses to mine trash face
And who didn’t believe I was at 11, huh
The face of the brake… (From Blazer)

That drives her crazy, huh
Well I told you I
‘m going to kiss your mouth

Fearless of anything, full of spunk, wonderful
For end your butt I reach in the ear and say “hot”
Tired of hearing who has never done anything for me

I owe nothing to anyone, we can do whatever you want
Like, beautiful, dance for me
Do what you want

You know I’m in the mood
Will you tell me you don’t?
Inside the car with her on the side I’m smooth

If she’s behind the wheel it’s like an airplane piloting the spaceship
Me penning several sentences’ and making noise
Writing life and talking about everything

While they’re saying this and that, my sound plays in the four corners of the world, it’s
I’ll kiss your mouth taking your clothes off
Impossible to want to change you for another

[Verse 2: Chris MC]
I want to feel the feeling The
first time I saw you
Explain to my heart that ‘you’re not always possible

See you in the best dreams
I have plans for us
If I kiss you I hear the sound of the angels

With your face, your voice
I’m coming to get you, have somewhere to come back, where to go, to arrive
‘You leave me breathless

To never lack reasons to celebrate
No commitment, ‘you like it
Love like ours is so good
Change this record, I’m not at risk
My best inspiration

[Verse 3: MC Ryan SP & Chris MC ]
The measure of love is to love without measure
That’s why I loved you so much woman ( Woman )

I broke my face trusting in love and you taught me how it is ( How it is )
I surrendered to this illusion, I was a guinea pig in this clowning
I will no longer fall in love, I will live in the flock

For every game over there will be a play
You threw it away all the love I’ve given you
As soon as you want, so it will be, I’ll go not to return
Shark, if it sprouts in your flock?

I swear, I won’t let her in
If she shows up in the room naked?
Oh I’m sorry I’ll have to avoid
But what if she calls you at dawn?

Voicemail, it’s no use calling
And all the times I’ve forgiven you thinking love could avenge?
Denies, why do you reject me? I stayed in the gutter

Blame the love stuck to the beast
Drink, forget the princess, celebrate Friday
The richness of love is purity and you didn’t have it

[Verse 4: Lourena]
You promised, you promised a happy ending
But you forgot, you forgot, you forgot about me
If you don’t want to be deceived, you want to stay in the flight

How can I trust you if you don’t stop at home?
I’m a fucking woman, only you didn’t realize
That your friends wanted closure like me

But damn, I didn’t want to like you
I complain if I see someone else wanting you
Not that I like it that way, I just want to mess up

Lourena who launched the angry
Today I make you go crazy
What I ask you will have to do

Otherwise I’ll say
I don’t love you, several complaints from you
Why did you do this to me?
Huh, Shaman?

[Verse 5: Shaman]
We’re together and apart baby
Why are we so wrong? Hmm-mm
‘Cês two de papin’

General do you know we have a lancin’
No chao, diamond, film and snack’
The ticket is lousy man, there is no love there
Train from Inhoaíba

I love you since the times there in Sepetiba
There was one pair of wings and a pair of
Styrofoam pants selling Bud, five bucks in sight

Full of stinger, just got the cover of a magazine
Kiss me with lip tint, let’s solve this shit on top of the beat
Either you want me or you want her, decide

We two doing Nikity City
shaman Viking demon vixe
This relationship made my mind sadder

Either you want me or you want him, decide
If you want a blow, I’m from the Karate Kid
Take the bra off the hanger

No commitment, ‘you like it
Fla-Flu, barbecue and brass deer
The face of the sons’ by Deise
Listening L7

hefty Azzy is coming from lace
Xamãzin is the meanest
Let me get by, let me

Baby I’ll love you for a lifetime
Complaints, what color are Tuesdays?
Why don’t you kiss me?
Blame the cocky shaman

[Verse 6: Azzy, Chris MC & Shaman ]
Hey when are you coming? I need to know
So I don’t leave
I want to see you, settle myself (I want to see you) Baby

, don’t do it
So let me show you
Here is your place
With you I have no secret Baby

, you know I’m scared to death
Of us breaking up
We hit in front all the time ( Time )
But when you leave I always cry ( Shut up )

Think with love, see if you roll
Us in the dark, I’ll devour you ( Hmm )
Embrace my conversation and I’ll hold you tight
Triumph in the game, a lot of faith in luck

Don’t lie to me, I don’t want to kid myself
No, no, no, no
Kiss my mouth, kiss

The problems leave it
Leave for tomorrow these chao
See, on a Friday
On the beach, on the shore
Dawning and us making love

[Verse 7: MC Poze do Rodo]
Hi, you miss me and you want to see me
And you love my footprint
But this life I lead

Time is short, I confess It
would be good to have you around
But I can’t hold on
If it’s a bid , this we can see

The best way to understand
Criminal mind, rogue heart
I can’t escape my instinct
I don’t do poetry, I do beautiful work

If the train passes, better get off the rail
It’s Poze…
Peita, the money’s on the table
We’re a black belt

There are several princesses wanting to fuck
Peita, Malak bandit
Release the beat live
Visionary mind makes it happen

Hi, peita, the money It’s on the table
We’re black belt
There’s a
lot of princesses wanting to fuck Breast, Malak thug Releases
the beat live
Visionary mind makes it happen

[Verse 8: Cynthia Luz]
Baby I taste you otherwise
In the mouth that kisses and in this same scenario
Every day I I want your love, I can’t even hide

Baby I called you ’cause our time is rare
Forgetting the pain was never easy
Value of our bond, you always by my side
Others even tried, but all failed

Our body is only one, common requests
Only one…
I ask God to give us more love to walk
Take away our pride, the memory that it always hurts

And in my eyes you see the desire to love you, love
I always hide from this darkness that scares me
Let us kiss

No more bullshit
For us every day is Friday (Every day)
Kisses, I know you want to
Come to bed and kiss (Ahn)

Baby you can blame me, alone at last
Let us kiss
No more bullshit (Ahn)
For us every day is Friday

Kiss, I know you wish
Come to bed and kiss
Baby you can blame me, at last alone

[Output: Cynthia Luz & Chris MC ]
Leave it, leave it, leave it
Ahn, it’s
Poetry 11
Hail Malak!


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