NCT U Misfit Lyrics English

Make A Wish NCT U Birthday Song Lyrics English

[Verse 1: Mark]
I’m a misfit, there is no right fit that matches me
Suffocated, like i’m wearing clothes that don’t fit
It’s sickening, without hesitation just rip it
The more they try to pull me down, the more I get lifted

[Verse 2: Taeyong]
You’re trying to cut me off
The way it is right now is the best, never messed up
No doubt, just bring it to the next
I don’t know how to listen, just feel free

[Verse 3: Jeno]
Why do I have to stay in place? No way
It doesn’t even bother me too much, I’m bossing
Your false step, it’s time to wake up and fly away
Some say I’m crazy, nope

[Verse 4: Yangyang]
It doesn’t matter what they say
I would do whatever I want anyway
I’m always on the run, you can’t
If you don’t like it, you just gotta stay out of my way, okay?

[Chorus: All]
Get out my way yo, get out my way
No one can stop us
Forcing us into the same mold, we might destroy it
Get out my way yo, get out my way
There’s no law to keep
No rules to control us, no way to stop us
Now let’s make a new rule right here

[Verse 5: Sungchan]
Someone else’s rule, as if we were to obey without asking
I’m trying to fulfill my dream, dream of crushing
How high am I?
Don’t know if you’re aiming so make a boring noise

[Verse 6: Hendery]
The obvious sound blow and block
I’ll brr and block you out before you reach me
My mouth opens up, look at the atmosphere right now
But our attitude is all die

[Verse 7: Mark]
It’s been a minute, I’m in it, I’m feeling like a winning chicken, my role without a dismiss
This fit never fits in, the things that block me are already six feet under my feet
Break the system, trust your instinct
Don’t stop with attitude like you were fifteen
Good boys hit the track
We look at it differently so it’s crooked, uh

[Verse 8: Johnny]
One, NCT, we mobbing
Wherever you are, we coming
When our eyes meet, don’t hesitate to jump
Baby come and get it, on my team, let’s run it


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