New Numbers Showing Coronavirus Spread Intrude on a White House in Denial

In the previous week, President Donald Trump facilitated an indoor crusade rally for a huge number of cheering, exposed supporters even as a lethal infection spread all through the nation.

He started backing off on limitations that had been set up at the White House since Washington founded a stay-at-home request because of the coronavirus in March, and he welcomed the leader of Poland to a day of gatherings. At that point, Thursday, he traveled to Wisconsin to boast about a monetary recuperation that he said was practically around the bend.

In any case, by Friday, it was difficult to completely disregard the way that the pandemic the White House has for a considerable length of time demanded was slowing down has done the exact inverse.

The rising numbers in Texas, Florida and Arizona made that understood, just as the truth that those are largely states where the president and his Republican partners had asked individuals to come back to typical.

In an impression of a developing feeling of nervousness over the new numbers, Vice President Mike Pence and individuals from the coronavirus team held an open preparation without precedent for two months.

Be that as it may, ever faithful to Trump’s craving for uplifting news, Pence attempted to sneak around the measurements that Dr. Deborah L. Birx, the team organizer, highlighted, indicating flooding cases and hospitalizations in Florida, Texas, Arizona and different states.

President Donald Trump, made no notice of the expansion in COVID-19 cases around the nation during a conference at the White House on Friday, June 26, 2020. (Samuel Corum/The New York Times)  “We have made a truly remarkable progress in moving our nation forward,” the vice president said. “We’ve all seen the encouraging news as we open up,” he added,

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