nisko jest niebo pezet lyrics english

nisko jest niebo pezet lyrics english

[Verse 1: Pezet]
Words that hurt
I remember there was a lot of that
Everyone tells us: your love is sick
So I say: believe, they will persuade us,
because something hangs over us
Like an obituary in the chapel

We were not saints like monks
And you cut my heart out and it is impossible to sew in. The
words fall in silence that
It’s not love – said the psychologist
We are alcoholics, so I want to touch you with the tongue and drink
So let this love die like cancer

Like this year my dad
I’m curious when you will understand how much this loss weighs
To have something with someone for many years
Do not turn back, still want it
I stand in the street at night, it is raining
Today the sky is somehow low

[Chorus: Kayah]
Today is heaven
Today is heaven is low Today is heaven is low Today heaven is low

[Verse 2: Pezet]
, words like arrows
You were that someone who wanted to
soul and body, as in the Bible
Niе stopped Ciebiе want to never

Love is like a password for WI-FI
Today every corner of one of them will give you

such as you have flowers in hair
But beyond that, wear the demons in their heads
Everything is now possible
so we can in these occasions to dress

as if we formed tinder
weekly love begins from zero

this today, does not repair the
repairs ourselves, and it leaves
so people have big houses and somewhere the world of
ex-husbands and wives
So let’s let it crash

into atoms, it’ll be better this way
Maybe tomorrow someone love us
for it who will pretend the Internet
And for moments of autumn, it’s time cool every
iPhone I flashed today old photo
Today, somehow down the sky

[Chorus: Kayah]
Today low is heaven
today low is heaven
today low is heaven
The sky is low today

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