no me pesa junior h lyrics english

[Verse 1]
I flew to the plates and it’s just to start
A guacamole traveling in the city
Lying down and short and side of the 6-0-2

Carnalito Chila, the kid doesn’t crack
Pure seriousness and to detonate
Long weapons brings, .45 and more
Without fear of action, it turns on in heat

[Verse 2]
Right or crooked, money is money and I
spend them and win them and it does not weigh me to hit
If I hit them I win and if I pitch I win them more

And if you wonder who I’m talking about, well, there goes
Raulito, my father, he began to drink with his carnal
And for my old man who is in heaven, he gives me protection

And it doesn’t weigh me down, old men
Much less tomorrow
Puro Junior H, uh

[Verse 3]
Sonora, Chihuahua, La Angelina, what difference does it make?
Where the old man comes he has real friends
A third of queens that is used to win
My wife, my girl and my mother must not be absent

Luck is next, blessing of more
From heaven falls on me, there is also betrayal
And that is not the worst, but what difference does it make?

[Verse 4]
Champion and a slave, sporty, the Rolex is
lying down and a heavy convoy behind
They play my corrido and it makes me want to drink

And the stutterer who is ready to sound
All privadón, compass of a lot
Wine or Tecatón, I pull a good bandon
There is the best for the lift


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