North Land 25/17 lyrics english

North Land 25/17 lyrics english

[Lyrics of the song “North Country” ft. Oxxxymiron]

[Verse 1: Pale (25/17)]
They tore a goat like Cider,
squeeze a tear I climbed on a birch in every thunderstorm
Under ice and under a snow crust I
drank infusion and lay then in a layer
Learn to give, learn to endure
Learn not to be afraid of anyone, Even death
Catching sun bunnies with my mother
And swallowing them so that the blood becomes hotter in a blizzard

I am just soil for all flowers
I am the foundation for all houses
I am cement for all bricks
I am a log for all stoves
Burn-burn-burn-burn-burn it is clear
We are here liters zhrom Ecclesiastes
Gori Gori Gori to not extinguished
our Rock bass wails in a manger

Trouble was walking outside the window, scratching at the window with a bad cat
I quietly cried in the closet
Then I grew up, became a trouble, I scratch at the window, I follow you.
But don’t be afraid, get high

[Chorus: Ant (25/17)]
I love you, I am so I love you
My northern country
I love you, I love you so
No matter how strange it seems to you

[Verse 2: Oxxxymiron]
Marsh, kirzachi , on the toilet seat chirkashi
Our fever whiter than Kolchak and Chiang Kai-shek
Let him be crucified banner Is Red, let pop stained
Harness turns violinist in butchers
Uh ooy, all these things are mixed in me
on tree tribal hanged like a decayed greatcoat A
posthumously secret man shot dead in pitch darkness … and permafrost

Strange ritual:
Baruch Adonai is the main Varangian here
God is with us, behind us is a detachment
Rra-ta-ta-ta, no matter how hysterical we are, we are still here
This is collectivism , this is collegiality
Soaked up with milk, the slave devoured the compound feed
But – hrya! – broke off the leash

And became a vandal with a hammer
My country is united colors, like Benetton
Polyphony, I am just a resonator under a tuning fork
Here Gog and Magog, a ditch and a trench
This is the folklore of resettled tribes
Russophobe, a patriot – two sides of the same medal
Advertising shields on the sides, like dandelions

[Chorus: Ant (25/17 )]
I love you, I love you so much
My northern country
I love you, I love you so much
No matter how strange it seems to you
I love you, I love you so
My northern country
I love you, I love you so
How would it didn’t you think it was strange

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