oceans & engines niki lyrics english

[Verse 1]
Saturday sunset
We’re lying on my bed with five hours to go
Fingers entwined and so were our minds
Crying, “I don’t want you to go”
You wiped away tears
But not fears under the still and clear indigo
You said “Baby, don’t cry, we’ll be fine
You’re the one thing I swear I can’t outgrow”

[Verse 2]
My mother said the younger me was a pretending prodigy
Well, nothing then, much has changed
‘Cause while you’re wolfing down liquor
My soul, it gets sicker
But I’m sticking to the screenplay
Gotta say I’m okay
But answer this, babe
How is it now that, somehow, you’re a strangеr?
You were mine just yеsterday
I pray the block in my airway dissipates
And instead deters your airplane’s way

[Pre-Chorus 1]
But heaven denied
Destiny decried
Something beautiful died
Too soon

But I’m letting go
I’m giving up the ghost
But don’t get me wrong
I’ll always love you, that’s why I wrote you this very last song
I guess this is where we say goodbye
I know I’ll be alright
Someday, I’ll be fine
But just not tonight (Ooh)

[Verse 3]
Plunging into all kinds of diversions
Like blush wine and sonorous soirées
But even with gin and surgin’ adrenaline
I see you’re all that can intoxicate
Oceans and engines
You’re skilled at infringing on great love affairs
Cause now my heart’s home
All I’ve known is long gone and ten thousand miles away

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