päästä varpaisiin behm lyrics english

päästä varpaisiin behm lyrics english

[Verse 1]
I can be quiet and huutaakin
I can a little French and a lot more
Who is able to hear the words I lose
Can someone feel mut from head to toe

[Verse 2]
No one ever asked how I can I
more interested in how my songs rang
But after all, Mussa much, much more more
If you were to ask to get the most from head to toe

[Verse 3]
I desire knows everything what is taught therein
the situation is kind of difficult mut give mouth turn
Sä get a hold on the tahdotkin
If you like as black is always head to toe

[Verse 4]
I tarviin sometimes time I saying, but
Mut words already caused a lot worse
I didn’t mean at all what I said
Now regrets muses just about everything from head to toe

[Verse 5]
Doesn’t help to explain but tries to change
to say the reasons you get angry I’m going to apologize if you give
If someone would accept everything from head to toe

[Verse 6]
I’m really loving mut, however, sometimes
aid in the palm of all hits to the face
I do not get close to me and the fact attributed
Nobody can know me from head to toe

But above all the desire the most
, you may know someone mut from head to toe


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