paranoia doxx ita lyrics in english

paranoia doxx ita lyrics in english

[Verse 1]
You were cold as Alaska, red as arms
You were pampered, but nothing was ever enough
Words, paper lights

Wasted inside rooms that don’t talk about us
But talk about my troubles the ones you chase fast
When we just wanted rods with friends I
pass by fucking you until we call each other for ex

The popos are on you, but you don’t want to leave
Why do you keep every memory tied to those necklaces
Baby, I leave you alone
What is it? Don’t you want to be with me?

I’m a condominium fire
Bring me the kerosene, you fuck me, but all the time
Gasoline with a lighter
I did it, but I don’t say it because

I want you still like the first time
I want to read that I kiss your lips
I want to read the story
really made those two guys fucking paranoia, however,

are the roads that profuman of us
are houses that remind us
are all things you didn’t care before
Now pieces of heaven fall, but

I know you don’t need to hate your neighbor
This is life, you’ll get used to it
Mama told me I won’t risk
Mama I don’t want you to go

Account how much life I lost
Dial that I’ve got on your wrist does not erase what you said
I would not entrust the success
I let take its course

You are part of me, I am part of you
I’m sick of you, you hate me more
Do not notice me, I think more of you
I suck because, you are part of me

I am part of you


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