Patlamaya Devam İsyan Tetick lyrics english

Patlamaya Devam İsyan Tetick lyrics english

We are
sick grandfather … Yes, empirikukalar ..
Lokman, give my son music ..

Give a sound Adana greet from the summit No stopping,
homie continue to explode
No smoking or
something flying from now on You addicted lady to the stars
(Give a voice Adana greetings from the summit)
(Stop No homie continue to boom)
(N after something you smoking)
(Flying stars, junky female)

Harman my father where I linens
these packages you can see my strength I
Hoppa slowly opened edict I
Do not run here come la kezban’m
Adana boy crazy my age city
events big brother issue itself
Plate 01 our fear is spirit

Writing again for you swallow bencе
Hey torbacı me versenе debt
Olmaz Ramon sell in advance valle goods
So we’re stealing the wallet of my father
we go to eat in the evening when the beatings
I write by mugo joy we place

you in the fall separate trip b reason
I see Halis I stayed at this stage
how many packs of cigarettes over man in it coffee
Pills do not swallow by
Does n’t turn the wheel Don’t put me on the Tribe, fuck me midwife

Go Heijan say hi to your
brother I’m fucking your throne I am like that Said
Adana Merkez’s words stolen
Who did the old man quote from
that fat manager I tell him I
warn him like a man before throwing Diss

beloved ones tell me now, I am talking like crazy Don’t mess with us, we don’t throw gears back to
those who disband us (we’re throwing them serial)
No sex, uncle you know, cigarettes to us The
officers come to us,

lie on the ground, go to custody, light a cigarette
after ten minutes The
siren sounds on the street again The
shooter at the mic
Keep his hands up Keep breaking daddy sober we are
writing carefully yes you

lesson math my father my head is trillion
Don’t ask me any questions I don’t know at all I don’t know
where I am,
My teacher says “My son come, you are itching”
(One seventy years more This child didn’t work either) He didn’t
rob a bank when his head was pretty
This event is not over, it is not a matter of time, I have a
cigarette, I have no joy.
Give me a voice. Say hi to Adana summit
stopping, homie continues to explode. No, after that, a cigarette is flying, addicted to the stars

Ey yo
Rebellion Tetick
This is Adana Seyhan
Rising Sesler Records
This is Sarıhamzalı

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