Polo g lil tjay first place lyrics of new songs Minor2GO & DJ Ayo

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Polo g lil tjay first place lyrics of new songs Minor2GO & DJ Ayo…….

[Intro: Lil TJay]
Oh no

[Chorus: Polo G, Lil Tjay]
Don‘t give a fuck what nah nigga say
Couldn’t let that chance get away
Need ten hundred bands in the safe
Only ten-year friends in the Wraith
You got no friends in this race
Bro you gotta understand niggas fake
Knock ’em off if they stand in the way


Shawty hopping off vans with the K
I done, I done, I done seen my own friends tryna snake
Had to see my own mans telling jakes
I know God got plans for me now
Because he put bands on the plate
One static put bands on his face
Bet he gon’ understand we don’t play
First nigga try to reach, say it now
He gon’ die where he stand here today


[Verse 1: Polo G]
I was passing out dog food in them dope lines
Streets voucher for me, fuck a co-sign
When we gang banging we tote iron
You earn respect with a 45
Imma let it spark when it’s show time
2014 when my bro died
Seen a lot of niggas really won’t ride


Wanna see you smile one more time
Gotta damage hard I done had enough
I don’t wanna here no more lies
And a lot of niggas lost their head in this shit
I’d be damned if I let ’em smoke mine
Promised Maxine I was gon’ shine
Get my bands up, cop the X7
On the highway and that hoe flyin’
Money, power, fame make a hoe blind
And the vibes be so fake
So showing love feel weird  ,

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