powdered sugar alkuo lyrics english

powdered sugar alkuo lyrics english

Beige powder. Powder
Powder. Powder
Powdered sugar. Powder
Powder. Powder. Powder

The door to my room (room) (yah yah)
It is closed for you (closed)
And that means there is a reason .. (uh uh uh)
That you are not allowed here. (uhhh)
My new year flew by no more noticeable than the wind (where is my powder) The
snow did not melt in you , but for a long time your bay is all stripped In

front of me, your love flashed
This white powder hurts people
My case is filled with white emptiness (powder)
Came out of home, (yah yah)
Who are you? (uh)

Grab your backpack with powder, and come to my block:
This guy will bring white-white powder
Tusa is in full swing, I’m flying in a Ferrari
For my powder, give all your cash!
You were correct, but you will be nobody:
You Use’anul, you will get problems!

Life is so short.
How is your road
? I went on a long journey.
But there is a lot of powder here.
I didn’t calculate, I underestimated
You lie on the floor, you caught a bad trip

Powdered sugar, powders all brains:
You cannot understand who is “I” and who is “you”!
I don’t need to say
You understand everything yourself
But at each of your parties You
take again


Powder (powder)
Powder (powder)
Powder (powder)
Powdered sugar (powder)
Powder (powder)
Powder (powder)
Powder (powder) )

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