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Drop the top, trunk beating, like look at my rims
Pull up on her, like shawty, quit looking, get in
I’m running through that gwap like I’m getting ’em for ten
I said, I’m running through that gwap like I’m getting ’em for ten
Running through that gwap got my little shawty trying to watch all her friends
They all want me, ain’t no telling what I’ll drop her off in
Beauty shop in my drop, Nail shop in that Benz
I heard he selling dope, let the gossip begin
These bitch ass rappers wouldn’t have pulled up in our projects, I’m saying
I know where all your spots at, nigga, get popped at for playing
I might be at a show if I hop out that van
I might be with your ho, call her sloppy no hands
My price be due below, so I drop off them bands
I’m running through that gwap like I got an advance
But I don’t, word to my nigga, I’ve locked in the pen
Feds to be exact ran in the spot with the pots and the pans
Been selling dope since I was a teen, I’m gon ‘stop if I can
Just sold a shirt that said Free Red Dot in Japan
’06 Like Father, Like Son dropped, I got like ten grand
I fucked my own career up, I got no problems saying it
But bitch, I been getting money, fuckin ‘right, Gotti was paying
I’m just impatient, right, you would not understand
You wasn’t around in ’08 when I was copping like ten

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