puaj (sesión) wos lyrics english

puaj (sesión) wos lyrics english

With the delirium I counteract, this flat plane that I hate
I hit a basket with my head, don’t give me a test that I don’t answer
DS3 represents a blow to those false monuments
A hug and a moment that are immortalized as our signature in the cement
Here every encounter is romanticized, it is that between laughs we elude time, each brother is my teacher
You cannot live between the after and the before, there is nothing that is worth such stress
Remember, there is neither the pre nor the after, everything happens now here the joke is an instant
And what do I know, I’ll leave you alive with a flash, wherever I am my label will be
For another I don’t worry, they will realize
That in their group there are more toys than a sex shop, uh
You’re just looking to entertain, that’s easy to understand
Sings processed shit to make it look good and now people choke when there’s no
And I no longer fight if you notice the distance, the umbilical cord that unites them with their fallacy
Where I’m going I don’t know nor do I pretend, today I’m not impatient not knowing what I’m doing
I like to go crazy with the focus, let’s see, and leave them thinking: “What the hell is he saying?”

This curda doesn’t let me sleep
And a doubt that not even the I-Ching can get out
of me That which represents me I keep for myself
The flag that gives pride I don’t use for marketing (For marketing)
For marketing
Oh, girl, for marketing (For marketing)

Yeah, ouh
Know it, there‘s no recipe if love is
n’t there A pirouette won’t save you, not even plucking the petals
Not even kissing the crucifix or that jug of alcohol
Everyone we are children of the self-boycott
How you seduce, how well you put on your face
We learned to fuck and not to let ourselves be moved by others
We all know each other a little now, if the world is a handkerchief and it is full of mucus
You can put your back but even the bull knows Tired, with talk it’s not enough
Everything promised doesn’t fill the void of a belly
What a joke, it doesn’t work out even when they trade
The people don’t just want bread, guacho
He wants dignity and the possibility of a ranch
Everyone putting up their chests and they have the right to a piece without having to stir hope in some bin
And now I understand when you behaved irritably and said “Being calm is impossible
If even my routine has to be consumable, and I who spend the day doing things that do not serve “
That do not serve your king or a lady or the law, which are governed by the soul with the calm of the sensei
You have to learn to look well, that in this vile world there’s a Cain for every Abel, uh I’m used to the noise that
cries if I keep quiet and it hurts when I talk
a lot

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