quiero ser letra los primos del este lyrics english

[Verse 1]
That beautiful skin that you carry, it’s going to be all mine
You make me crazy, I already want to be with you
Leave, I’ll explain it to you, I’m your type
I’m not an acquaintance, but I want to be your friend
Just let me look at you again
Where are you from? Where do you live?
What’s your favorite food?
Or let’s go for a walk, for a walk.
Do you have a boyfriend or suitor? Better to know without respect to disrespect
you If on the contrary, well, just listen to me

I just want to get to know you more
I want to be the only one who will love you
My heart is just for you
Let me be the man you need

The Cousins, haha
​​From the East

[Verse 2]
Your smile surrenders my soul, your angelic body
The color of your eyes, tender and bright
A little daring if I admit it
If I steal a kiss from you, would you be mad at me?
Or maybe you give it back to me double
I want energy, the same vibe
I’m not a retailer, but you don’t pay attention to that
Tonight I’m just thinking of falling in love
Nothing stops me, I’m different
Rumors are always repeated
You don’t lose anything in giving me a single opportunity

[ Chorus]
I just want to be more frequent
I want to be the only one who will take care of you
Your heart tells you the same
Let me be the man you need

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