ralli lvbel c5 & batuflex lyrics english


[Verse 1: Lvbel C5]
Ha-ha-patient flower t from my
late we Batu’yl the inside (hmm)

Baby, you and I’m pulling photo
Fit white shroud
Old’s, who looked had

died bond was listening to us (yeah)
Yapıyo’z fumes A feast (Ah)
Steers turn between

asses We don’t have brakes on anything (Grr, pa)
Smoke is always
smoking I bought it from my mother halal

Now *****de Chanel (Haa) I did
n’t make it final at school (Yeah)
Be a bastard who broke his promise (Yallah)

Died without getting rich (Ah)
I didn’t go to the gym but Road Runner
Pa-money stay in my pocket (Grr, pa)

Even without drinking coffee, I looked at the horoscope.
Now I have a beautiful woman next to me (Yeah) I
took a thousand steps this far (Yah, yah)

Now I can’t look back my dear My
shoes, my top ; My blood is cold
A-azer Baba, say “I’m in trouble

[Bridge: Lvbel C5]

[Chorus: Lvbel C5]
Ba-Ba-Batuflex, C5 Rally (Woo, grr)
We’re really good (Hee, grr)
I used to count the coins (Hı, pow! )
Rally, rally, rally

[Verse 2: Batuflex]
“Batuflex” brand baby gel everything is great
Three hundred milligrams **** , watch it well, get the job It can’t

teach a book
Time works tick tick tick tick tick dont
look at us in vain

We are the father of the market because its mother ****
Thousands of messages, millions of streams
I drank the water you brought from its stream

Tell bi ‘shit he’s not my teacher
salaries to my kazanıyo three to five days
is not easy to place my buddy

studio was early in the morning
I need the money and rush, rush
rattling jobs; ATM, the ATM

holding empty talk, let’s cut to the
nerdy baby, I have no business cafe
we took the song, was still mil’i’yo’s, mil’i’yo’s

our attitude is very strange biliyon, biliyon
Understanding difficult, because zero geliyo My
All veriyom hater into the hands of

the enemy of reproduction, I’m schizophrenic
next to me is blonde, I do not trust him in
Success of ‘Look at me, they will laugh at you too
Those who give their ass for a five cent salary

[Chorus: Lvbel C5]
Ba-Ba-Batuflex, C5 Rally (Woo, grr)
We’re the real master (Hee, grr)
I used to count the coins (Hı, pow!)
Rally, rally, rally


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