Reckol sharingan lyrics english

Reckol sharingan lyrics english

[Chorus 1] Bb- I
have one eye Sharingan Damage it wo
n’t do from him I said to
Taliban Sasuke in my head : “Throw kirin.” In my

other eye, Rinnegan
So I’m Madara-Sama

They will bow in front of me
Army and Madara Sama

[Verse 1] If I
run away vin, vin, arriba
I catch Ferrari, I got
Here front senorita
more koş’cak I have way too
much, there’s a long way, hullo
Nazar worth I hope

Tu, tu, tu

[Chorus 1]
Bb-a my eye Sharingan
him does not create Destruction In
my head
I said to Taliban Sasuke: “Stubbornness”

So I Madara-Sama

will bow in front of me they
army and Madara Sama



[Chorus 2]
Team fresh, head carcass
I stepped on them , I passed over
all the time Move right My
slide is as if Tinder
Safe look
safe here
Come here is safe , I said come, let’s watch cinema

[Verse 2] With
Kuty number of bills
we Addicted Shir-eyes, or
full of money in the truck

, we carry barely, or
Sako’yl to the right, left (Yes)
Again my Celatom, hum
özlücetrapboyz, or
cake does not cut you

[Chorus x2]
Set fresh, head carrion
press the top, now I
always right now

Kaydırıyo like Tinder
safe see ibid safe
place safe place
Come, I said come, let’s watch it like a cinema


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