relationship by nocas infinito lyrics

Verse 1:
They were two teenagers, still pure and innocent
Full of hope and with a lifetime ahead of them
Known from childhood, but with rare coexistence
Free as a bird without giving way to passions
Girls only had room for simple tanning
She was funny, remarkable in appearance
Vain, mysterious, insecure and vulnerable
Alone, she came from a cycle of lost friendships
And she managed to find shelter in the midst of his guests
He thought: “Cute girl is welcome
On top of that, there’s a party over the weekend coming up ”
Little did they know what would get involved
What was going to happen and when they would suffer
“Party sounds”
Verse 2:
“Feta it’s feta, nobody gets sick ‘, alcohol is already consumed
Drunk he thought: ‘What is the girl who eats? ‘
She lying on a bed, he inhales his flame
And exhales small talk with monogamous mask
He thanks and a strange attraction flourishes The week goes by, they meet
Late afternoons, the sunset illustrates romantic

Intense sole, the commitment is sealed
Hurried step with unexpected result
The beginning is beautiful, it is conducive to discovery
In the naive promise of an eternal relationship
First thorns reveal themselves in the beautiful sea of ​​roses
Not everything is pink before monotonous situations
The more they know each other, the less they understand each other
Discussions appear and words no longer measure

If you live to live
Without joy and without pleasure
If you love without knowing you
Your relationship has no reason to be
If jealousy gains power
If hatred appears
Do you feel crazy?
Your relationship has no reason to be!
Verse 3:
They will give in o to frustration, losing self-confidence

Surrendered to insecurity and compulsive jealousy
They end, they start again at a destructive pace
He doesn’t even have friends anymore, he has anxiety attacks
Most of his personality is unknown
Omits, mind, lost and confused in what she feels
The imbalance and antagonistic speech
“I love you!” “I hate you”, exempt from self-respect
Both go on dreaming that the other will renew the charm
But every conversation that starts calm, always ends in tears

The drama, the uncertainty become if in a dependency
Emotional drug that exterminates the least coherence
Holy day, they decide to end the torment
In a lively discussion, they decide to take a break…
“Oh man, I’m tired of this mine … I’m going crazy … I don’t even know myself
I know myself, I’m going through … I think I’m going a little crazy … Man
I need to get out and move on… Fire! “
Verse 4:

Allowed time, more peaceful environment
But alone, without references, they feel a huge emptiness
The implied hatred in unguided words
Suffocating jealousy at seeing her with other companies
He decides to walk away, try to recognize himself
But the onslaught ends up in another woman’s mouth
New disappointment and this one knows the betrayal
She concedes, does not measure the consequences of his act

He is unbalanced and with a secret kept
In an outburst, his mistake ends up surfacing
She cries, but forgives and puts resentment in a coma
Restart, they want to start from scratch
Early enthusiasm that even seems to be sincere
It will suck! What will be the reason?
There is no longer a path with such a destroyed trail
“Nah… Now we are really well… Really! I spoke to
She… We made up… Man, I think this is it… I don’t know, the scene is
Different… I think we are a little more mature… ”
Verse 5:
Yeah, it was beautiful, until the first friction arises
The retracted hatred almost becomes physical
Frightened it ends, still surprised
She leaves the house of a guy looking like a case
He tries to calm down, but the anger is too much
Punch him and spit him in the face!
Chorus 2x
Scratch: ‘If you neva went crazy, you ain’t been in love’

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