Réussite Kaaris lyrics english

[“Réussite” lyrics]
[Single verse]
I come from Ivory Coast, like you, I cried when I was born
But I won’t shed a tear when Malekal comes to show his charms
CDG Airport, I three years old, mum comes to pick me up
Immigrant educated, I don’t know a single word of French
I’m afraid of whites, I’m afraid of the dark, by the beliefs of the haunted town

Don’t talk to me about doing homework at 8 in 15 m²
The daronne has the role of the daron, two jobs and sacrifices
We all land at the Rose Garden, 1990 I
cross the Red Field, I go to Welsh, instinctively I dodge the cops
This is the war between rebeus and renois, yet we all come from Africa
There are those who dream of being football stars, there are those who deal with schlags who shoot
themselves I hold the walls but whatever the cost, for me, it will be the music

I return later and later, to the street is my only guide
Anyway, the fridge is empty, the cupboards are full of cockroaches
Big mess of neighborhoods, in an organized gang
Seriously injured GAV, CR, I’m not inventing a CV
I know how to roll my joint d’shit, I know how to hold the P38

If I have to protect one of mine, thank God, no blood on my hands I
‘m thinking about NTM, I dream of going on the radio
Beko sells sachets of weed , we pay for the
2003 studio sessions , in the country, it’s war, in CI
J ‘produce for my Oumma, 43rd BIMA
Then a feat with Despo, a feat with Nubi sale, a feat with Mac Kregor , for me, the rap will only be dirty

I record ZERO, ten years in advance, it’s nitro
J listening to the sounds of Chicago , I’m Sevran, 2.7.0
I write H24, one day my bigo ringing at the other end, it kuma, was b’soin of your strength for Autopsy 4
Therapy levers, I stay in my corner, I say yes to my head
As soon as I enter the cabin, I start with 2.7, 2.7

A Kalash ‘on the Audi, I get out of my teeth, I get out of the Zoo I
put the bars on the T’s, I transform rap into trap
Friends emerge from the past, II find it difficult to sort out
For a brother he is happening, he’s a wolf in the sheepfold
We go to sport, together, we will pray, together
Trojan Horse, jealousy burns him like incense

He is organized so that I clash with guys I don’t know
Go fuck you all, it’s you who don’t know me
“We gave you ce-for if you say no, it’s dead for you”
No one is going to turn me off in the street, no one is going to turn me off in the ‘sique

My technique is hardcore, egotrip, you know my lyrics fuck everything
They don’t know what to do anymore, take a freestyle as a pretext but I stand up to their god
I only have to look down in front of Allah, to stop I will have to smoke myself , I didn’t betray, I didn’t suck
I have a 200K gamos, Itake a 50k vacation
Far from being finished, I even thwart the predictions of the Incas
They would have preferred that I suck and that one throws me like an old tchoin

Fuck their moms, I said everything, the Dozo comes from too far
He I’ll have to hold the seat, repel the white walkers
Dodge the traps of Sevran at the boarding area
Until 2018, today in 2020, it’s all comments and tweets: that’s the price of success

K double Dozo

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