savana motive lyrics english

[Verse 1]
Izmir savana, Istanbul havana
Ash in the ashtray, we don’t have blood on the floor Go through the
whole steppe, look at my wolves with blood
Everywhere is foggy, look, everywhere is the apartment

Everyone was crying, we burst out laughing
Gangsta baby, shoot a gun once
Public no vallah, I won’t treat you rude
No friends, they are all cousins ​​relatives

İzmir savannah, Istanbul Havana
My real hand is still clean, mama
I understood the world, I explained it, but
no one understood, neck temptation

He said, “Joke and poop don’t mix.”
Whoever it is, it’s all mixed up, every minute
Remember Istanbul is seven hills but they don’t converge
, look apart, two sides

Ah (U-uh)
I can’t feel better I
don’t want any more power

[Verse 2]
I’m the only pope I know Big Poppa
I will continue, “Stop.” Even if the pope
said listen, don’t do it to the glock
Or Mortal Kombat: blaka, blaka, blaka

Melts the ice [?]
Wants to be shooter brothers, it’s a mistake,
don’t talk, or even a family member, I even
threw up the collar, but clean head

Raise it up, bad view ‘shelf
Istanbul Havana, Izmir savanna
There is no normal in a wild place, we always developed abnormally, it was meant to be sad dad

We closed our heads, but we developed before we could understand inside I
flew to the ground, spit on the ground, what happened to me I
rose suddenly before you could catch me

İzmir savanna, İstanbul Havana
Glasses are broken The end of the relationship sucks my
bra I let go, it’s always heavy damage I couldn’t carry it

, my heart is heavy My
brutality comes
from my heart My brutality comes from my heart I can
die if I don’t wake up

Izmir savanna, Istanbul Havana
The glasses are broken, the end of the relationship sucks my bra I let go, it
‘s always heavy damage I couldn’t carry it

, my heart is heavy I let go,
it’s always heavy My brutality

from my heart Provides my environment, offended bitches And broke friendships Covers the whole place Energy and heavy armor Try it, I won’t give blood [Interlude] Everyone was chasing drug money My request is pure money New shoes and new energy honey New energy you’re feeling right now and I’m holding on Newly added to me sweetie

Izmir savanna, Istanbul Havana
The glasses are broken, the end of the relationship sucks my bra I let go, it
‘s always heavy damage I couldn’t carry it
, my heart is heavy I let go ,

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