scellé part. 2 lyrics english

scellé part. 2 lyrics english


[Lyrics of “Sealed Part. 2” ft. Ashe 22]

Ekip, ekip, ekip
MMS, LDO, NRM, 667, LZ
667, 669, Corleone, Ashe
20-20: Phantom Menace, bitch
Han, ekip, ekip, ekip

[Verse 1: Freeze Corleone]
I believe that in God, I do not invoke demons (never), when I cane, inch’Allah I té-mon (han)
On the production, Freeze Corleone, New York City thoroughly like Max the demon  ( ekip)
I’m here for the cash, take the money , I hide, the fault or the tarpaulin
Negro, speak in micron for the hash, Faygo for the flash, I see the sockets, I dash, bitch (sku, sku )
RAF to be in the top trio, designed
FN SCAR, Walther, every day, fuck BioTech
Chen Zen aka Thanos (han)
S / o le ch’nord, s / o Kamoss I
consume more gas than the big kids
In the surface like Sergio Ramos (sku)
Gelato and cookies (ftt, ftt) I
smell loud in the
Dry brown shops like the Wookiees
No work but there are the tools (sku, sku) I
roll a big cigarette of hash (bitch)
Your flow is worth not even six sticks of hash (bitch)

[Bridge: Freeze Corleone]
Performs in all areas (han)
Corleone, Ashe, bitch, you know us
Performs in all areas
Corleone, Ashe, bitch, you know us, ekip

[Verse 2: Ashe 22]
Drill, all rappers want to get started (brr), my kichta is thirty centimeters
On the train , his mother the bitch, I’m in attack, go ahead, send the six meters
LZ, the specimens, we’ll see where life leads us, bitch
In the neighborhood I go for a walk, bitch, I
‘m going tosmoke them, I’llpromise you, bitchI’m getting on the beat, I’m hanging out and before, I would have sold L to the Beatles
I’m in the kitchen, I mess around like the friends in the pitch
We’re not going to break a head, I’m going to slap your mother and tear off your sweatshirt (bitch)
I only smoke dry and expensive weed, I’m in the eighth
When we go to gova (brr, brr), all the bitchs like (brr brr brr)
2 + 3 = 5, it’s simple, bitch, I’m not going to draw you, bitch
You want to per-pom, go down (brr)
I’m in the slums of Lyon , she wants some, I make her meow (brr) I do
n’t drink coffee with milk (grr), my khos to support me, bitch
The prod I raped her, yeah (wow), yeah, j ‘m in the ue-r but I’m still making purple tickets (wow)
Bitch, don’t be surprised (bitch) if we reach the top quickly (wow)
I have the bracelet at this time and just iring it, I spent my life zoning, brr, brr, brr

[Outro: Ashe 22]
Ashe, Corleone, bitch, bitch

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