scriptonite indablack and qurt numbers lyrics english

[Intro: Skriptonit]

[Verse 1: Skriptonit]
I opopsel not what it used to, not what it was
I stupid, too incomprehensible

Where is the aggressive? Fucked up! (Fucked up)
Dance tracks? About love, where?
On Duda I say one thing, then I don’t match.

Fucked up your chick.
How do you manage to look at her at all?
No, I won’t sing in one more
Fuck rap (Fuck), I have boysband now

[Bridge: Scryptonite]
I’m a patient,
I’m clean 50 Cent
Mom will buy me a bulletproof vest

I’ll take a ticket to Moscow, there are no troubles there, I fuck (ooh)
Only the highest architect, they stole the highest intellect
Agiotage I’m an alcoholic, I’ve already drunk a couple of hectares (Hect)

[Chorus: Rodionis & Skriptonit ]
Lower than plinth
Chin-chin-chin for you )

Opinion in others mouths
We ( More-More ) is always a plus ( More )
Figures ( Yeah, Yeah ) do not lie, the boy ( Hugo )

[Verse 2: Indable]
I’m not upset, I’m out (Out)
Out (Out), in ahue (In ahue)

White in a black skin – Bounty
In bounce, Mowgli
Lost in this jungle by little
Shoals, gariki

Alone, like an aboriginal
One more night will pass light
I see through them like an X-ray
Sixteen digits, and flew

I bought everything I wanted (I wanted)
Light (On), stunned
How are you there? – I’m always in normyak

Soft, like a briquette in your gut
Children from a hair dryer switched to a mef
This is the same dick only in the other hand

I crossed the boundaries without sweating (Without sweating)
Marginal (Marginal), mentality
You know better who I am in this environment
So tell me, come on, leave a comment

[Chorus: RodionisIndablek & qurt ]
Let ) is lower than the plinth
Opinion in foreign lips
We always pros
Figures ( A ) do not lie, the boy

[Verse 3: qurt]
to fly into ebalo with legs
You will have to pay (E, e, e)

Burst in with his – charmed yours (Pow-pow)
Pow, rest, e
Until I made you work
A, I drive everyone here

And they are afraid of me
Pow, this is my gang
Pali, as we will reign ( , the pow-pow the pow)

Pow, a policeman wants to know, we are creating Che (Che we create?)
I, I, I’m retired, but you can not catch
Skrrt, again this retiree
Yes, have to pay
Wow, the rank-rank

[Chorus: Rodionis & qurt ]
Lower than skirting
Opinion in foreign lips

We always pros
Figures do not lie, the boy
Barbie )
Lower than the plinth

shod sneakers and sebalas Bali )
Opinion in other people’s lips
Nobody hovers, Barbie )
We are always in pluses

Shoe sneakers and fucked in Bali )
The numbers don’t lie, boy
Nobody hovers, Barbie )

[Outro: qurt]
Her no one hovers, Barbie
No one hovers, Barbie


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