Scusa Mecna Lyrics English

Scusa Mecna Lyrics English

Ah [Verse 1]
Sorry if I’m not like you sometimes as I would like
If I don’t talk too much and remain silent in
embarrassing Moments when I might be
Screaming, but I wouldn’t be able
In an ideal world I don’t know if I would have done anything wrong and I would always be satisfied

In this here not everything is as it should be
Sorry if it never snows again in December
And I still hope so and I’ll buy sweatshirts

Sorry Antonello and Luigi if we took different roads
That over time then they divided us

You know how much I believed in our sacrifices
For me you will always be my best friends

Sorry Gianlu if this is not how we were
And if the brother you don’t have I haven’t become anymore
When we listened to soul in your car

Around like we had to turn at any moment
Sorry Macro, you’re the first one who believed in me
And you pushed me on the stage, And it was a contract to divide us
I miss it when you phoned me in the morning
To plan everything together

Sorry Filo if I never come to your DJ set
And I hope they find your Mac
Now you know you don’t have to leave anything in the trunk, ah
The world is of cowards and cowards

Sorry Lvnar, Ale and Seife, you who are
With me when I need an opinion
I know it’s not easy, but I hope you can have
At least one gold record on that wall.


[Verse 2]
Sorry Viola if I was so on you
But in high school I took a lot, I was looking at you secretly
It’s so good that we got together
But jealousy shook me and mixed paranoia and real things
I changed a little ‘after that year and I almost never told anyone
Giulia it was August, after that 31st

She said: “You can’t just rejoice and ruin yourself in two”
I couldn’t find the words, I wanted her

Excuse, but oh well, at least now it’s closed
I’ve had other stories a bit like that, but after a while
you can’t be “forever” never and sometimes “never” forever
That in this way you get lost

[Verse 3]
Sorry, baby, if I chipped your tooth
While kissing you at the Justin Timberlake concert
Maybe I got euphoric
You will always have a mark on you, and it’s my fault
And sorry if I talk about you in pieces, ah
I know that you don’t want it

is what I like most about you, that is, would you say it?
For you I wrote “Would you do it with me”, you hate it

Sorry if I snore every now and then, it’s just that you are a light sleeper
And outside your house there is always a mess, which sclero
Luck we know how to laugh
Knowing that things can fall without limit
Excuse me if I’m not the brother who asks you:

“How are you doing?”, he hugs you and approaches you
But I know that at every descent there is
And on March 20th it changed your life
Sorry mom, sorry daddy

If I don’t come home so often and sometimes I have not so delicate ways
To tell you that I’m fine even if the record has not gone very well
I expected a bit other results
Sorry if I have disappointed those who follow me
If I am no longer the artist you want
Sorry if I no longer take pictures after live shows
But the love you don’t give is often hate for those who believe

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