Snow tha product never be me lyrics

[Verse 1]
I will never let a dude that lie to himself come and lie to my face and believe it
I don’t gotta kick it with you to know you ain’t shit, huh, trust me I seen it
I done got up in my bag and ain’t getting out till I break and I bust out the seams
Got a little something ’bout me

I got a team and I got me a family to feed
And I really got a bone to pick with anybody that be trying to be my competition
Start with closing your legs then close your fist and hit yourself in the face, I don’t even know you hoes exist

You should focus on bread
Mmm, that’s what you supposed to get
But you focused on me so you broke as shit
All them thirst trap pics, you still broke as shit?

Could never be you, huh?
Could never be you
Could never be me
No, it could never be you

Never be me, huh
It could never be you
Could never be me, huh
It could never be you

[Verse 2]
Why do you bitches love saying “Could never be me” but it really could never be you
You be so happy to brag that but in fact that seems like terrible news
And apparently you really arrogant too
I’d be scared to share it, that’s embarrassing you

You could never be this rich, real ass bitch, pretty as a bitch get And I never met you
But judging by the way you spending your time
It’s eleven PM and you hating online
And I looked at your page, what did I find?

You posted your man, he doesn’t reply
‘Cause you have the memes that the hoes only post whenever they go through it with someone they love
Same time you be posting your sad is the same time he be posting the club

Could never be you
Could never be you
Could never be you, huh?
It could never be you

It could never be you, huh?
It could never be you
Bitch it could never be you, huh?
It could never be you

[Verse 3]
I’m well aware the real bitches outnumbered ’cause all you little clones exist
Real bitch, I can’t help but wonder hmm why the no common sense?
‘Cause we look similar but opposite

I don’t take the time to be talking shit
I am way too busy for commenting anything that’s not dope or positive
How you hate on women but jock dude’s dick

When the dudes you heart eye do not give shits about you, your love, or your dollars spent
He want him a baddie on some model shit
‘Cause he also got esteem problems and all the validation you offer him don’t mean shit to him, you little boxed shaped bitch

But you hating on me, that does not make sense
And you trying to be a bad bitch
But you ain’t getting that a bad bitch start by being a real bitch
Real bitches ain’t hating on bitches that make chips

You buy all the right things, still come off basic
It’s the same type of girl that [?] when really it is it, it’s just that you isn’t
You lacking the vision, we look at shit different
‘Cause you follow trends set and I literally transcend


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