Solar – ​nigdy więcej 2022 Lyrics English

[Intro: Jerzyk, Rapglass; Kaziu ]
SBM completely dominates the Polish scene at the moment.
In fact, there are no other labels on the horizon that could even come close to them, let alone compete with them
(…) people absolutely love it, when you can see that something is a real family and a real band
And this SB can’t be denied for some time
Album of the year 2022 already in January
Full domination and I really don’t know what would have to happen for it all to go wrong

[Verse 1: Solar]
Hot Sri Lanka, I’m going on vacation to turn my head off
My grandma dies, I get on a plane and come back to give a speech
The invasion started tonight, at our country’s borders
Destroyed cities, and I’m about to climb the pulpit
A dark room in an empty house, a dog is scratching at the door
And if it wasn’t for that, I’d lie here for a few more days, because

It was a hard year, like a few tons
Now I’m not lying with her, Lorn is playing in the background
I hated sb, thanks tb

The words are so harsh, they almost cut the veins
Pictures undeveloped, films unedited
Only the advertisement with White is digging the wound (Solar is getting married)
It breaks my heart when I don’t hear “daddy get up” in the morning
And unfortunately it’s too late to fix it

You know best what you want and you will have it
And you will do what you want, like old Bedoesiara

Thanks for the role of the leader, let others take it
I finished the year with neurosis and depression
Yesterday they predicted eternity, today they predict our fall
If everything is falling apart, take it and make a spice

[Break: RapRiver; Total]
The position of a permanent giant is starting to melt away and the competition is not sleeping
Unlike SBM, it does not call
itself a family I don’t think it will be the best time for SBM, in fact a very heavy
SBM seems to turn into a sinking ship
It looks like some kind of corporation, embarrassment

[Chorus: Solar, Białas , Lil Konon ]
It’s us, we made pop out of rebellion It’s us, we killed
hip-hop It’s us, we killed hip-hop (It’s us, it’s us) It’s us, we drove a stick into the anthill Until it all came out

[Verse 2: Solar]
That’s the facts
We’re not related by blood, we’re connected by contracts
For years we lived together as brothers
Now it’s gone, so why pretend?
The papers were lying somewhere at the bottom of the cabinet
They had no access to our relationship or our teaser
They didn’t sit down “Butterflies”, I understand, not your ride
But underestimating the text to “Father” is a sheep’s rush

Kinny at Natsu‘s is my idea and it’s true
So if it sucks, I take it and okay

2 0 2 2, what was supposed to spill out
It’s not a family, it’s a generation, which is just beginning
No one here is crying for anyone, because everyone is alive and healthy
Skyscrapers can swingbut the foundation is intact

[Chorus: Solar, Białas ] It’s us, we
made pop out of rebellion It ‘s us, we
killed hip-hop
It’s us, it’s us)

[Verse 3: Solar]
It’s the fifth era of SBM, I’m becoming a rapper again
Diamonds at home I have six, I could use seven

I keep my fingers crossed that this year we will come back with “Hotel”
And if the guys decide not to, let them do other labels

Certainly there will be castlings and a lot will change
Janek’s departureand farewell to Beth
The room is going to be refurbished but you can always come back and live in.
You are always welcome here and please remember that

Even when starting new families, visit old ones for the holidays
And Bizzy and I are already starting tinkering with the siblings

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