súbelo anuel aa myke towers & jhay cortez lyrics english

[Intro: Anuel AA]
Real to death, did you hear, baby?

[Pre-Chorus: Anuel AA]
With the devils ‘on the roof and with you in the penthouse
No’ tamo at Disney, but the R with the Mickey Mouse (Brr) We’re going
to do everything we have ‘spoken’ or

That Ass and ‘a Ferrari and I have it parked for you (Uah)
It’s mine, but the one who does not know me (Knows)

Turn on the Gary Payton, she always coughs (Uah)
Two Lambo and a Bugatti, I do not buy Porsche (Porschе; ah)
His favorite number is 512

[Chorus: Jhay Cortez & Anuel AA ]
Dalе turn it up, yeah (Yeah)
From the elevator ( Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh) That there is you wet laid ( Wet ), and

Throw me by Instagram
not like to give me the number ( Number )
Dale, upload ( Turn it up )

Prendemo ‘bed on fire while she smokes or not (or not baby )
To’ who played with her knows it was a mistake ( Baby )
You have ‘the video, whenever you want’ upload it ( Uah )

[Verse 1: Myke Towers]
In the DR they say that you are the lamp
It became complete like Amelia Alcántara
If they catch us she says that she will not sing She

has untouchable money that she will not spend
On Sundays’ for the boat, she is not to run kayak She
wants me to go down and I don’t know if she’ll get there

She goes on fire, she likes to ride in the Can-Am
You are ‘an outrage’, don’t lie to me ‘, ma’
She makes the puppets ‘romantic’

La Truck is new, it has all the ‘plastic’
It has me fast as an automatic rifle
Pending any erratic movement

[Chorus: Anuel AA]
Give it up, yes (Yes)
From the elevator that got you wet there,Eh (Eh)
Throw me on Instagram

I don’t like giving the number (Number)
Give it up (Turn it up; uah)
We set the bed on fire whether she smokes or not (Uah)

To ‘ whoever played with her knows it was a mistake (It was a mistake; the AA; eh)
You have ‘the video, whenever you want’ upload it (Upload it)

[Bridge: Anuel AA & Jhay Cortez ]
Whenever I see you again (Oh)
You see ‘better than yesterday (Yesterday) We

put’ the house ‘on paper (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
But I’m going to put it in you ( Do you follow me? )

[Verse 2: Anuel AA]
The smoke and alcohol, all the
cars are sport. My name is not Christian, but all my combi are Dior (Son Dior).
I look for her with the short one between the thigh and the seat (Brr , brr)

I’ve been giving her eleven years ‘and six months’ like Tempo (Brr)
She does not lower her and if she drops it, it is to suck it up (It’s to suck it up)

When the garment is to pass it on (Pass it on) She
has money, but He likes to spend it (Spend it)
And I have a million ‘, but my name is Angelo (Ah?)

If you are not there’, I put myself down like Ken-Y (Ken-Y)
With me he is full time, he no longer works in the part time

To’a combi are Supreme, to ‘lo’ outfit are design (They are design)
Baby, put your Jordan onget to do the fly

[Verse 3: Jhay Cortez]
Off-White, the baby always Nike
When smokes and drinks is you are looking for a bail
The eight drinks it strike, the son of a bitch is in his prime

That ass is on a diet, to ‘what eats is light (The Pressure) He
says he likes the singer ‘and the drug trafficker’ He
spent twenty-five thousand pesos ‘on the’ implant ‘

The’ giant ‘buttocks, the shiny neck
Now it’s harder than it was before’
And he climbs to the Penthouse, go up to the PH (PH)

So that he smokes, so that he gets you drunk ‘(He gets you drunk’)
In bed I make you Triple H
A motherfucker in capital letters with the H
And don’t lower the volume ‘

I sent him two thousand for ATH,I’m going so that I don’t work (Work)
A hundred in the Ferrari for the toll
And without a condom so that the bug does not get off me

[Chorus: Jhay Cortez & Anuel AA ]
Give it up, yes (Yes)
From the elevator it got wet there (It got wet), and

Throw me on Instagram
I don’t like giving the number
Give it up (Uah) We

turn on ‘the bed on fire even if she smokes or not (Uah) Everyone
who played with her knows it was a mistake (La AA; eh)
You have ‘the video, whenever you want’ upload it (Brr)

[Outro: Anuel AA & Jhay Cortez ]
Real to death, did you hear, baby? (Uah)

Jhayco, Jhay Corte ‘ (Bebecita)
Myke Towers (Bebe-Bebecita)
Anuel (Real until death, baby)
OO-Ovy On The Drums

Real to death, baby
Young Kingz (Brr)
Legends Never Dies, did you hear baby?

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