the pine tree lyrics in english


I read my back against you thinking you were an oak
I knew the wind could bent you but I can’t believe you broke
Now the wind could never break me only your false love
Honey I’ve been true I swear by God above
I thought you were a willow but you never wept for me
You went roaming in the wildwood like a ship that roams the see
My love is a pine tree cause that’s the only tree that’s true
If I was mistaken then take my eyes away
You made a bed in the wildwood and that’s where I saw you lay

Honey your eyes deceived you it’s true I touched the ground
But I never slept there I never let my long hair down mhm
You’ll prick your fingers and leave the sweetest flower behind
Love oh love oh what you done to me
You set me a drifting like a ship upon the sea
Yes a ship there is I see you and you belong to me
My love is the ocean and deeper love cannot be
Yeah well I guess I was mistaken and woman I want you back
We’ll put our roots down in each other’s heart
Come to me pine tree

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