Thug motivation Rod Wave Prod by Akel & Tre Gilliam lyrics of new songs

lyrics of new songs

Thug motivation Rod Wave Prod by Akel & Tre Gilliam lyrics of new songs…….

Tre made this beat
AKel, AKel
Yeah, I’m for real
A-n-d, and they won’t love it, it’s that thug motivation right here, you know what I’m saying
That real shit, that gangster shit you feel me
Can’t sell that bullshit to the thugs, nah man
[?], for real [?]
Ayy [?], turn that light off
Hit that light right there, yessir, both of ’em

[Verse 1]
Aw shit, they done let me in the door
They done gave your boy a chance now the youngin’ finna blow
It’s a shame, finna put the game in a figure-four
Youngin’ fresh from off that bottom, talkin’ straight from out the scroll
And these days, I live the life of a movie star
Remember goin’ to school tellin’ you I’d be a superstar
But you didn’t believe, ’cause I fell in love with B&E
Breaking in them houses, snatchin’ TVs down and flipping couches
This for them who doubted, I just dropped the top on my new Audi
My lil’ gangster son and how he sprouted, 1.5 and countin’
Don’t need no accountant, don’t need no help countin’ mine
Fired my accountant, don’t need no help routin’ mine
We jumpin’ out the gym, you ain’t heard then go and ask a friend
They know we gettin’ it in, I just brought my momma a brand new Benz
My girl pregnant with twins, look how God blessed me again
Took so many losses, can’t believe I finally get to win, yeah

And nobody told me the road would be easy
I can’t believe, made it this far
My own life, I’ve been workin’ so hard


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