Trump Camp Hits Biden’s ‘Tough on Crime’ Past, Forgets Trump’s Own Past

Trump Camp Hits Biden’s ‘Tough on Crime’ Past, Forgets Trump’s Own Past Trump made during the 1990s, as a businessman and tabloid celebrity in New York City, included calling for treating fare evasion on the subway ,

Trump also warned that once young “urban” men raised by single mothers reached what he called “strutting age,” cities around the country would “have wolf packs roaming the streets.” This week alone, as Trump’s approval ratings have plummeted in the midst of growing civil unrest over police violence against black people,

The Trump campaign accused Biden of having “fanned the flames of hatred and division,” of standing with “the people burning businesses in minority communities  “Joe Biden supported the mass incarceration of black and Hispanic communities and has failed to lift them out of poverty,”

Mercedes Schlapp, the campaign’s senior communications adviser, said on a four-way digital panel on race. “In stark contrast, President Trump has delivered unprecedented opportunity for black Americans.” President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign this week has accused former .

Vice President Joe Biden of constructing the modern prison-industrial complex, being the architect of American mass incarceration, and filling the nation’s prisons with low-level offenders. art projection, part expectation that the voting public’s memory is too short and too overloaded to remember Trump’s .

But as the Trump campaign highlights Biden’s role in authoring the largest crime bill in American history, problematic comments about race, and his past work with racist members of the U.S. Senate in an apparent bid to turn off both suburban centrists and the progressive left, the president’s supporters risk drawing renewed .

Attention to past statements and policies of Trump himself, whose own support for so-called “tough on crime” policies stretches back decades, and to deep extremes. “Joe Biden supported the mass incarceration of black  ,

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