Trump Says He ‘Aced’ Cognitive Test, however White House Won’t Release Details

President Donald Trump on Thursday elected to Sean Hannity, the Fox News have, that he “as of late” stepped through an exam at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center estimating his psychological sharpness and “aced” it, yet the White House would not say when he took it or why.

Trump flaunted that his prosperity on the test astounded his primary care physicians as he proceeded with his endeavor to make a crusade issue of whether his possible Democratic adversary, previous Vice President Joe Biden, was intellectually fit.

“I really took one when I — as of late, when I — when I was — the extreme left were stating, ‘Would he say he is all there? Is he all there?’ And I demonstrated I was all there, in light of the fact that I got — I aced it. I aced the test,” Trump, 74, said in his meeting with Hannity. He proceeded to state that Biden ought to likewise step through the exam.

“Also, he should step through the equivalent precise examination, an exceptionally standard test. I took it at Walter Reed Medical Center before specialists,” Trump said. “Furthermore, they were exceptionally amazed. They stated, ‘That is a unimaginable thing. Once in a while does anyone do what you simply did.’ But he should step through that equivalent exam.”

Trump portrayed stepping through the exam after Hannity referenced that Biden had said he had stepped through a few intellectual examinations. The president demanded that Biden more likely than not implied tests he took for the coronavirus and that his opponent “couldn’t breeze through” an intellectual test.

Assistants to Trump didn’t react to inquiries regarding what test he took, when he took it or whether they would make the outcomes open. Over three years, the president has more than once confronted inquiries concerning his own wellbeing, including why he made a baffling visit to Walter Reed in November 2019 that White House authorities later guaranteed was to get a bounce on his yearly physical.

President Donald Trump addresses correspondents before withdrawing the White House in Washington, in transit to Florida, on Friday, July 10, 2020. (Erin Scott/The New York Times)

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