tupiniquim music party lyrics

This party has been going on for a long time
Brazilian popular music
Nobody invited me, but I wanted to enter
I took the 175 and came straight here
For the Tupiniquim Music Festival
What’s going on here on Antônio Carlos Jobim Street
And many people are yet to arrive
At the entrance the security guard asked for Gilberto Gil’s badge
He just smiled
Accompanied by Caetano, Djavan, Pepeu, Elba, Moraes, Alceu Valença
And that’s how I penetrated with the people from the Northeast

Baby’s in the area, I felt firm!
And then Sandra de Sá! ‘Bye Bye’
Birinight at ease all night
Look at Ed Motta robbing the fridge
Look how beautiful and hot a cat!
Look at Tiririca with a fragrant black woman
It’s not a hanger party but Ney took off his clothes
Paulinho Moska landed in my soup
Cidade Negra presented a hundred note reggae There’s a Skank rolling too!

And Tim Maia hasn’t even painted so far
But Jorge Ben Jor brought the band that arrived
‘To liven up the party’
The party is going well
Lobão has not spoken ill of anyone so far
Barão and Titãs are playing Raulzito
Rita Lee is coming huh? I can’t believe it!
But of course I loved the invitation
And I went to dance listening to Kid’s sound Bee, fenders and the Blitz
‘Hold the tchan, tie the tchan’
Ha ha!

Lulu Santos just arrived
With the chilli pepper for the planet to swing
Chico César, Science, and Buarque watch people dancing break on the floor
And upstairs, one of the party’s owners is fine, he’s at peace, he’s playing a guitar
‘Strange party with weird people, I’m not cool, I can’t take any more booze’
Chopp in the tulip, wine in the glass
Save yourself if you can!
João Gordo threw up on my foot

I went to clean and came face to face with Raimundos
Who told me they came in the back
I asked for bathroom and I played the role
How healthy! Fernanda Abreu, Daniela Mercury, Marisa Monte, Daú calm, I didn’t see anything!
Ângela Rô Rô wanted to punch me
But the three rascals, Moreira, Bezerra and Dicró, helped me escape the worst
I went to the backyard, bamba house
Everyone drinks everyone samba
Beth Carvalho, Alcione, Zeca Pagodinho, Neguinho da Beija-Flor

Say it Martinho! What is it, professor?
‘It’s slow, it’s slow, slow’
This party is crazy
Look at Carlinhos Brown with the Sepultura people
came with the Xavante Indians
And the police came after trying to give a blatant
The Indian has a whistle and I didn’t understand why
They started to whistle when the police arrived But the gang of the peace pipe didn’t even listen
Because Olodum was doing a cool drumming
Until thousands of funkeiros arrived
There were so many pairs that I even got confused
I called Leandro andamp; Leonardo from MC!
And Zezé de Camargo andamp; Luciano made fun of me

And the funk was going on! you had to see it!
Chitãozinho andamp; Xororó shouting ‘Uh! Tererê! ‘
The Young Guard’s people stirring up and down
‘Hey! What a wave, what a great party! ‘
Everyone in the biggest mood
But there was a rumor that worried the people
They said bad tongues, to the small mouth
That Michael Jackson I was coming to steal the scene
And that’s when Marina heard a horn
And everyone went to the window in the greatest adrenaline
A yellow Brasilia rounded the corner
Guess who it was?

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