uncle murda rap up 2020 lyrics english

Definitely did take a long time
2020 been a sad year
Wasn’t gon’ even do this
But I figured y’all needed me after everything that been goin’ on
The homiet, by the way Don’t Come Outside, Volume 3 out now

Great John on the beat, by the way

[Verse 1]
I’ma fear Heavenly Father but right now I’m booing you
What did Kobe, Gigi and them other passengers do to you? (What they do?)
My condolences at this time is all I could offer
Kobe got me out here spendin’ more time with my daughter (He do)

Takin’ Kobe from us had the whole world stressed You coulda took a average player, not one of the best Somebody like Lamar Odom or Delonte West (Ah)

I’m just playin’, but I’m sayin’, we woulda missed them less (God bless)

I’m convinced God don’t got the answers
First you take the Black Mamba from us, then the Black Panther (Damn)
Fuck 2020, this whole year started off wack
Best part of the year’s here and that’s hearin’ me rap (You want it)
Hearin’ me rap that straight up, 2020’s a dub, nigga

Atlanta the only spot that ain’t shut down they clubs, nigga (Lord)
Pandemic got niggas eatin’ like Action Bronson
They ain’t scared of catchin’ the corona like Magic Johnson (You did)
Is it real? Is it fake? I don’t know, I know shit sad

People dyin’ from it off some shit that they been had
They said Trump had it but I think he was fakin’ it
They got a vaccine now but I still ain’t takin’ it (God)

We all saw that nurse who passed out from that shit
Live on TV, miss me with that funny shit
I don’t trust the government, they chasin’ that fuckin’ bag

Whole coronavirus shit feel like a money grab
They tryna get paid, virus is man-made
They actin’ like this shit worser than cancer and AIDS (Than cancer)
Kids can’t go0 to school, people can’t go to work
Strip clubs closed, bitches ain’t got nowhere to twerk (Nah)

Now they lookin’ for sponsors, so I’m tellin’ chicks, “I’m broke”
That was prop money on the ‘Gram, Kodak Black joke (I ain’t got it)
I’m not a big fan of this next line I wrote
I hate the fact I gotta say, “Rest in peace to Pop Smoke” (Damn)

The good die young, it really wasn’t his time
Him bein’ dead and Tekashi still livin’ is a crime God, you gotta do better, you been fuckin’ up lately
Bro, all I hear is Pop Smoke when I turn on my radio (Woo)

They play Pop so much it feel like he still here
Got us woo walkin’, wearin’ Dior just to be clear (Facts)
COVID-19 shit got Fred The Godson
One of the few emcees you could really get bars from
He represented real rap for real New Yorkers
My condolences to your wife and your two daughters

Kings killin’ kings and it’s bein’ filmed on camera
Hated seein’ niggas killing King Von in Atlanta (Wack)
Megan sayin’ Tory shot her, he sayin’ she cappin’
Them people that was in the truck with them told what happened (They told me)

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