visão bk lyrics english

visão bk lyrics english

[“Vision” lyrics with BK ‘]

[Intro: BK’]
Vision, beyond the eyes too much vision (Vision beyond the reach)
Vision, beyond the eyes too much vision (Vision beyond the reach)
Vision, beyond the eyes too much vision ( vision beyond the reach)

[Verse 1: BK ‘]
Ayo, they do not understand how we were raised
What differs our right and wrong
Where saw green, we saw red
evening they dream, we do not sleep, this is a nightmare
If you see us surfing, they want to make a pool
If they see us profiting, they want to make a slaughter
Wastes water, wastes food

Come crucify me if I waste a line
‘You are waiting for my white version to arrive
Take my place, speak in my place
Speak my place, my place of speech
My story erase, say that they created it and the ticket I can’t afford

We are punch, UFC
They chicken, KFC
Came to the street and complained that the stuff is crazy
I never saw anyone train boxing and complain that he got punched
Daughter of a bitch!
Release the weapons I buy one for each friend
That’s what I got rich for
I know talking about violence consumes us
But we were born with targets in the surname
I see broken brothers wanting to be snatched

The blessings only show up to the snubbed noses
Call us sinners making arm with hand
In churches, faith was something great, only left two letters
God, those who believe are the last
Look at aunt, did not pay the bill, but paid tithes
They took the firm exchanged the firm
They put this myth spewing
After going to want take your own life

(Vision beyond reach)
(Vision beyond reach)
(Vision beyond reach)

[Bridge: BK ‘]
The gods have blessed me, they have given me the vision
The gods have cursed me , they gave me the vision
The gods, today I am the salvation, the destruction
Down or up, I can’t feel the pressure

[Verse 2: BK ‘]
I have the map to find the problems
And I’m looking for the way solve them
It’s a tightrope on the edge of the abyss, don’t tremble
On the other side so triumphs, I can see them
I look you in the eye, it’s the same feeling
That this world is so small

Between the improvement and the poison
I have to run and I can’t run out of here They
offer you holy water
Then they try to drown you in it
They’ll tell you to calm down, breathe
After you close all the windows

“I represent blacks here, the descendants of Africans, builders of this country.”
“We have been on trial for almost 500 years for white justice, for racist justice.”
“We try to enter through the back doors into a country that our ancestors built.”
“We are in a war. A war that was not the one that triggered it. A war that was not declared by us, but by the ruling class of that country. By the white elites that have plundered, not only the African descendants, but all this Brazilian people . “

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