volando (remix) mora bad bunny & sech lyrics english

[Intro: Bad Bunny]
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah
Yeah-eh, hey, hey
I enjoy being able to see you even though it’s not with me (Oh-oh-oh), no, hey

I have Than settle for just being your friend
Always thinking of your name, I live distracted
Finally I fell in love and it turns out that it is ‘forbidden

‘ More people live ahead, but I have not moved
I am still stagnant, always dreaming of you
The DM explodes, but I leave them and read

My handwriting ‘they always have your name and surname
Living with a thousand questions’, the pencil ‘without a point
Of everything I write, ma’, you are ‘to blame

I’ve been paying the same fine for a year
You are’ that I don’t know why I like it
Not being able to forget you frustrates me,
I swear it frustrates me

[Chorus: Sech & Mora ]
But if you call me I’ll come flying
In the Mercedes I go capsule

And when he’s not there, I keep imagining you
And without clothes on my bed, my name screaming
And if he calls me ‘I arrive flying

in La Mercede’ I go capsule
And when he is not ‘, I keep imagining you
Without clothes on my bed, my name screaming, oh

[Verse 1: Sech]
I’m flying even though I suffer from vertigo (Hey)
And if I fall I don’t have a medical plan, oh-oh (Oh-oh)
With your senote ‘I feel in Mexico (Hey)

With you the doctor medicated me So come on
Forget the past, that the future has it in front
On his clothes he has an “X 100PRE”

But I get to him, just tell me (But tell me)
That I don’t go
Tell me if I throw in the towel

Or if we throw it in the beach
Baby, I’m flying in case the signal fails me (Ah-ah-ah-ah)

[Chorus: Mora]
And if he calls me ‘I arrive flying
In La Mercede’ I go capsule
And when he is not ‘, I keep imagining you
Without clothes on my bed, my name screaming, oh

[Verse 2: Mora]
And if he calls me ‘I fall into the AMG
Baby, to finish what I left in the middle
In bed we did’ a series, but not PG

And although I walked away
I still see your face when I put it on another
If I still have your background wallpaper I

walk without a lifeguard ‘swimming in the deep
I feel your heartbeat’ even if I am deaf

[Bridge: Mora & Bad Bunny ]
And tell me how this pain heals
If I already washed the sheets’, but they still smell your smell
And I only ask to feel your heat again
I already tried a ‘how much’, but I miss you flavor ( Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, hey )

[Verse 3: Bad Bunny]
If you call me ‘, I’ll get to him faster than Emergency’ For
‘you there is no competition

When you arrive’ you feel the difference
. a curse or coincidence?
With that culotte and that little face

You are ‘the favorite mommy
If we were’ in kindergarten I would send you a letter ‘
I take all day at the beach to’ see if the

‘star’ is taken away from me
Baby, you have ‘something that I only see I
no longer want a prize’, I do not want any more trophy ‘All

I ask is’ tomorrow to see you again, hey
Even if it is with him
Heaven in hell, no one will understand

Running away ‘And what I feel, I got tired of running
In my eyes’ it shows, I can’t hide it

[Chorus: Bad Bunny]
That if you call me ‘I’ll come flying
at the time you say’, it doesn’t matter where and when
Y when it is not ‘I keep imagining
your soul with mine, I do’ together ‘vibrating, hey


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