war zone 13 organisé lyrics english

13 balles 13 organisé lyrics english

Ouah [Verse 1: Thabiti]
I’m a Corsican Comorian, I have scouts posted all over the hood
In the 13th, there is the strike that comes from Raoult’s lab
In Marseille, it’s war, don’t worry, I have my [?] good
I’m in my mood, mmh

The MCs are collapsing as in the rue d’Aubagne (rue d’Aubagne)
In the States, they have Kylie, we, Maëva Ghennam (Maëva Ghennam)
We don’t have the Champs Élysées, we walk in an organized group
In the cala, I look trapped, Marseille, 13 Organized
Calibrated, detent, [?], goes to coal,
Need to count, to feel the paper, poverty it makes us think

[Verse 2: Naps]
I arrive in two-two, it’s hard (ok), it’s dark when we land
We are in the game , we are in the bathroom, we are dangerous, don’t worry, we are tarpins
Do n’t worry, we are tarpins, make the tard-pe run, you know the cartel, you know the neighborhood
You left it by phone ‘, damn, she harasses you, she made you a mess
I’m in my cocktail, my album, it comes from Marseille, homie, it’s a hit
There, I’m going to the hotel: at the Carlton, she me looking for since I am in the top ten

[Verse 3: Alonzo]
Wanted, too much debt, stroller, it smells like a trigger
And your bitch, she’s not good, she’s redone, I’ll make a hole for you whenever you want, on the A7
The guitar, the mitard, it hag without giving you a date, eh, eh
I have red eyes in front of the bikers, eh, eh, I put a network in my firecracker

There’s no Tupac no Biggie, it’s Marseille, ma habiba
And re-te-te, I ordered tacos with biggy sauce, I’m lewé, I don’t get dressed and re-te-te
Only cases soc ‘, it jumps in the pit, it takes out the stuff, that zone towards the Rose
It raises the cross handsome guy, the atmosphere is atrocious, do not be the hot vatos, there are not your associ ‘

[Verse 4: Houari]
I’m not one of those who talk without knowing, balls aren’t in your mouth that you have to have them
Don’t be the worst bitch, don’t go down on everyone for the glory
You are a thug you only when you are ‘put a drink Your
nerves on edge, for the money, it chases the king, it will steer your recipe, it [wants?] your los-ki
We’re in the war zone, I’m not doing any sketches, you do the valiant in the box, get out in the parking lot

It’s dangerous like when you’re a cuckold or when it comes to load in a big cube
You count on a bitch who relies on a bitch, loaded, I’m going to tell them: “Who wants a bullet in the ass? “
A pursuit in the tess, a motorbike in the air, when it’s for coiled up, you’re always on time
Even to your friend, you wish bad luck, you are a big ball-holder, I don’t give you the time

[Verse 5: JuL]
RS Q3, I have the bandit, it’s the war zone, give it back Visiting us
They call me “The Machine”, only big hits
We are 13 Organized like in Heat I
aim only in the middle, sniper
It’s going to be seven years that I’m in the elite
The p ‘ tits have the gloves, they want to be Lidl, Lidl

I don’t want to die like the star of the Beatles
How many profiteers have I made of it?
To say that I live my life thanks to the listener
Fuck the jealous ones, I make the Audi scream late
It drives the road better than the monitor (war zone)

[Chorus: JuL]
And make room, millionaire dressed as a junkyard dog (war zone)
It deals, it points, it sticks, it points, pursues, hides the plate (war zone)
We are hungry our mother , there are some who have teeth, there are some who have no salary (war zone)
We come back, 13 Organized as in Heat

[Verse 6: As]
I arrive in the zone, the little one looks askance
He said to me: “I’ve never seen you”, normal, I’m the age of your father
Even if you do your job, don’t be your gangster
You are going to eat a big slap and you will fall to the ground

I do the hazi, ask [cousin?], like the Marsiglia series, you speak you’re in the madzi
Come on, go ahead, shout the Nazi, it smokes you, smokes, 22 in front of the neighbor
There’s nothing but coconut, they changed the product but always the same block since Gandhi’s time
Raise the motorcycle and let the gadjis wet , it’s always the same crazy

girls attracted by bandits [Verse 7: Zbig]
Welcome to the binks, welcome to the war zone, mind of Joey Barton’s son
That screw you, that speaks badly to you, 1.3, that sells by kil ‘, it sells by the ton
You take too long, you need time, little sheep, I put a finger on you

I’m going slowly, I’m going very soft, I’ve never worn ‘gloves like a doggie
Yeah, crazy thing, on the bridge, to the rasbaille, aim for the neck, on a T-MAX, bye, bye
13 Organized, buddy, it’s tough, at worst, we’ll go out on the 22nd for the 3atays
Warn your son, I’m moving without a piston, you’re playing snakes, I’ll take the Python out of the

street on the handlebar that look for the plata, I tear off all your dead, I tear you away, ta-ta-ta (pa-pa-pa-pa)
Hunting rifle, we are not going to kill each other, come back, we go see Statham
There’s only the ‘instrument’ that we patated, 2K20, it’s not about size

[Verse 8: AM La Scampia]
La Scamp ‘, how do you go about finding inspiration? I tend to eat my mind
It ends badly towards [?], Escucha me (escucha me)
Touche la mif ‘, on schenef, Marseille [?], There are the [?] New
Grosse Berline, p’ tite palette, my baby

Haschich, I hide or I put this like everything that I earn Nice
shopping, big, there is everything that starts with disposable jeans
Haschich, I hide or I put it like everything I’m winning Nice
shopping, big, there’s everything that starts with disposable jeans

[Chorus: JuL]
And make room, millionaire dressed as a junkyard dog (war zone)
It works, it hits, it butt, it points, pursuit,
We are hungry for our mother, some are right, some have no salary (war zone)
We come back, 13 Organized as in Heat (war zone)

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