wojna totalna słoń pl lyrics english

wojna totalna słoń pl lyrics english

[Verse] The
arms race has been going on since the First Cambrian
All that lives wants to survive and get more food
Little scavengers have turned into hunters
First exit from the ocean to the gray end of the land
Vertebrate skull fish, millions of years of evolution
Fight for territory, the animal world is cruel

New species, venom, armor, claws, fangs in the mouths of
Those who are left without weapons, are protected by mimicry on a daily
basis.In the games, the most important thing is instinct
Sensitive sight, smell and hearing, senses develop

You must be strong or fast, carnivore draws to the blood
Mother nature is arming herself in the daily war for existence
And here we come in, dressed all in white
We turn herds into tribes, the first settlements arise
It took thousands of years to be called human

Descent from the tree to the caves, the time of primitive societies
Simultaneously with the body, the brain was changing
You must have a weapon so that no creature at night fuck you It’s
come out of the shadows, reign over the fire
Erect posture in preparation for the war

Before man dropped the first bomb on the house He
watered all the battlefields with blood regularly
Weapons develops, exactly like in the animal world
From the first slingshot, through a bow, crossbow, to M60
Tens of decades back – battle charge on horseback

Today in missiles you have atomic fission system
Bronze Age, Iron Age, Oil Wars and Faith
Those who have slaughtered enemies write stories about glory
I wrote this introduction to outline the whole
Life is a tree, and our history is just a branch

I do not enter the global sphere, I want to focus on Poland
Because what I see sometimes becomes serious too strong
I am fed up with this war, the eternal struggle who is worse
Seeing this nonsense on TV I want to burn the receiver

I am fed up with martyrdom, the past is cruelly sad
So I draw conclusions from it, I want to focus on tomorrow
This brothel on Wiejska Street, full of shit-apotheki
These fat snouts in pots are constantly pissing us on each other
I say this with my heart and honestly, to those on the left and right

You live in the same country, walking on the same grass
You are still fighting persistently, Poland is used to it
But press the stop for a moment, because I want to give you an example of
the fact that ordinary everyday life will reach everyone one day

Because from the cradle to the grave, you walk with death by the arm.
At the beginning: I do not know who you are, from where, or What do
you believe in. May you never get bedsores
from the word in the hospital For those with whom you share the fate – a lot of health and money
Take care of your crops as you can and grub up the weeds from the field
This last year of dancing did not fuck with us

Cancer took my father’s friend , my friend’s mother’s stress killed My
heart is overwhelmed and sorry, and tears are crushing on my eyes
The fire took my father from a friend with whom I shared my childhood
So I shit on the mindless war of these hurdles

I want my friends’ children to be happy and healthy
May their health not deteriorate Mother and father
Live and let others live, fuck the drawers forever
When I send cash in a drug dropout

Someone is missing for surgery and his daughter has a deadline
I will not whore like a moron asked for which side they are
because I do not know if they deserved my help.
Going this way, if someone from your relatives had a problem

And you will set up this fundraiser, because you earn some change at work
Remember, homie, be careful, because you have to be careful
So that sometimes no Jew or nigga spill you money
So fuck fascism, racism, misogynists and ORMO

Respect for those who shed blood for our freedom
I will not spit on the emblem or pinch myself on the rainbow
Because I really don’t care who goes by the hand with whom
I will not despise you if you come from across the Bug I
worked on the islands to pay off all the money from debts

And I already have a shit disputes, I’m not a party to this war
And I know that there are fucking people who think similarly to me
I’m fed up with this campaign and still fueling the anger
As if we all had not enough

fucking problems The government rummages in your wallet, pulls out tentacles to your money
What do you think where do they get the hay? Well, from our taxes
Nothing on a tray, my brother, I bring you an example
Billions of zlotys are absorbed by public television

Fuck in hospitals, hospices, fuck children with cancer
The point is that the scheduling is cool and there will be serials
How are you fucking? I’m just getting started
You know what would be useful for us? Some domestic war
Aggression breeds aggression, let’s hasten the date of extermination
Chick with charlatans and every religious fanaticism

I treat black and white, just like brown and yellow
People are evidenced by their deeds, not the pigment of their skin
I do not like people like aggressive boots
I will give you as much respect as show yourself

I’m fed up with puffins and heads, which they think are T-1000
If you want to fuck, don’t come to my concert, don’t come to my concert.
You’re not Vitor Belfort, to go out on a rocking chair to the city
Boys from martial arts clubs will gladly explain it to you

Those clowns from good houses who wanted to gangster

You entered rap because you are into scythes, door handles, machetes
Those who actually are out of poverty, would like to escape from the street
Rap may be the door, and hard work with the key
Not all of us had a great , everyone carries their burden
Nobody fucking wants to feel like fucking excrement
May you look at yourself to see / see an advantage

Autoaggression is a whore that wants to hurt you
I do not do rap for children, although they listen to me, it happens
As you are one of them, then focus now and don’t interrupt
Fuck Stalin, Hitler, and their followers are silly

History teaches that extremes always lead to war
Pound your head that sometimes your heart, son, will hurt
So you have to plant balls the size of beach balls
Not all the
guys you surround yourself with are cool Many will come into your ass for profit like a proctologist
Be always yourself, and show your heart

to good people Valued ones will accept you as you are
And shit the rest, the jealous pipes lie unrepentantly
You’re not worse if you can’t afford expensive clothes
I’m amused by junkies raving about their flex tracks

And it’s not about age, mummy, I understand the concept
But if you run out of pills, it’s going to be gray-shit You
get that this guy in the mirror he’s not been himself for a long time
Remember, your addiction will blow you right through
Dragi and alk can sweep you off the mat, like Khalidov

You are not a whore like Migos, stole my mother three nozzle
addiction but you injures around of your loved ones
so close cunt, this, amuse me still these dreams
Groupies leave with hypem and cash ends
So open your eyes, you do not Kimal in the gate without money
May you the cross on the banknotes efficiently turned into triangles, do you get it?

We all fight wars, everyday battles

For friendship, for relationships, for respect, for loved ones
All the time the same instinct helps us to survive
Despite the fact that you do not live in the wild, there is a predator lurking somewhere
I appreciate what I have and those around
I could somewhere now to rot under the bridge or fight the disease.
Greetings to those who go to bed every night thinking about

That tomorrow may be a day when they fucking lose everything I
dedicate it to ministers, prime ministers, presidents
I really don’t care which pig holds a scepter
You have to take care of society, not stick a stick in an anthill I
despise wiping my mouth with an emblem, slippery bitch I
despise pedophilia, let it absorb you fire I

despise pedo defenders who hide themselves from God
It is sick, the courts should condemn you in a moment
If Christ came to Earth, he would mix you with mud I
despise every jerk that does not respect girls I
despise every idiot who does not respect men I
despise those who feel Better

Than Anyone I record rap for city dwellers and for those who come from the countryside
Quite the nonsense of extreme environments on both sides
You have blinders on your eyes, and you are looking for an enemy everywhere
My home is Poland, not the fighting camps
I want the eagle to represent freedom, prosperity
I do not need a golden bath,

I will also skip the golden shit I want my tax money it went where it should
be. I want to be able to provide the family with health protection and a standard
Which does not resemble the life of fatteners in cages
I want every woman to have a free decision
about her body, without judging, without pressure

The government supposedly protects life, but it really does not care
That when you are born you will end up in the toilet like garbage
If this content offends you, just press unfollow
Because more than once again, my sweetheart, my views will hurt.
Leave a comment below, how disappointed you are.

A second after reading this, I will forget about you
And I have this war in my pump, I will repeat it again, it arrives?
While you are arguing, they slap each other on the back
So when you wish me dead and you get unhealthy excitement
I wish you would fall in your old age in the middle of the desert a piano
Every puppy feels safe here

We are beyond division, write down this verse
I feel aversion to fools, and there are a lot of them here.
Fuck provocateurs and attentive fucking How do you hear it, buddy
and suddenly you regret
that you have the BDF logo tattooed on your skin

I will give you a solution, it will go easy, you will see
Remove those tears at home with a fucking grater for vegetables
This is for normal, without extremely idiotic views
Thank you with all my heart for a joint journey

All the best homie, finally press stop
Greetings, your undersigned
BrainDead Sun
* smok * fucking kisses bye

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