world of flies husky lyrics english


city was deserted: all committed suicide
only alarm laugh discordantly
All raschelovecheno and also laughing
I flow on the street, unnecessary, as urine

[Chorus: Husky & BollywoodFM ]
city was deserted
Collapsed Creek lips: “I’m alone here”
People are killed, this world of flies
The city is empty

What have I forgotten here? The work of whose hands
This feast, this – this world of flies?
The city is empty The
sun grapefruit will pop out suddenly
From behind the flies, as if a glitch
The city-city is empty
This world is dry, the corpse stinks as
if a skunk rotted or sour soup

[Verse 1]
Flies on the huckster, like a silk jacket
I got hold of the foolishness and went to the shopping mall
In mourning “Ikea” and in despondency “Auchan” –
Churches for which there are no parishioners from now on
This boring escalator leading nowhere

I fight with flies for crackers and ham
For “Zhitan” without filter and behind the red “Goluaz”
Cameras bashfully hide howitzers eyes
After all, the city is empty, and the guard of the shopping center has
group sex flies on the face
And only the mummy of trade – an aboriginal
dummy Samozabven sells a body, not desired by anyone

[Bridge 1]
Indeed, the city was deserted
flies fuck fragments of bodies
Chance for heat transfer
Kiss me, my Venus (Venus)
Throw open for me stale bud
Let sings us alcove hymns

[Verse 2]
Freeway if the cemetery and seemed to defile
Cars twisted tattered black oil fillet
Unstacked in metal buds of orchids
Broken subterfuges of ground people
After all, the city is empty: everyone committed suicide (
Suicide ) 

Only alarms laugh out of tune (Out of order)
I am delirious between accidents, however, I also laugh (Laugh)
And kick the head of some hach ​​( Some kind of khacha)
He was a simple taxi driver and did not swim in the clouds
Chicks in high heels were
rude to him Having rolled his slap in the face on a carousel
He exhaled, disappearing in a veil of purple flies

On the thigh of the sky of lightning luxurious varicose veins
I stand in harmony, leaning against a kiosk
Who is the designer of the sky? What is its price?
What is beauty, because only I am her target audience?
After all, the city is empty, but fucking still, that
there is still a consumer of the rainbow in the sublunary world
It’s me! Stringing beads of teeth
And looking at the tattoo on the tops of my boots

[Bridge 2]
After all, the city is empty
Sale at the fucking flea market of bodies
No one else has time to go to

[Chorus: Husky & BollywoodFM ]
City-city-city is empty The
cry from the lips
collapsed : “I’m alone here” Kill people, this world of flies
The city is empty
What I forgot here? The work of whose hands

This feast, this – this world of flies?
The town was deserted
Sun grapefruit pops up suddenly
from behind the flies, if a glitch
city-the city was deserted
this world stuh so stinking corpse
as if a skunk or rotten sour soup

himself is inconceivable
I fly into a gun shop
I score a convincing jamb
From lead, from gunpowder, from slices of shop windows
I want to bow to the fly yard
I hasten to greet fly caviar
So dies, kh-kh, the last man
I close the human project

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