youngboy never broke again dead trollz lyrics english

youngboy never broke again dead trollz lyrics english

That lil’-ass bag, and that pu**y-ass boy won’t say it, ayy
Man, you don’t come future around this way, n***a (Free DDawg)
(PlayBoy on this b*t*h)

Tell the motherf**kin’ police pick me up
I got them youngins goin’ crazy, tryna blitz something
Mad man, n***a don’t hear no talkin’ when Lil Top come
Haha, b*t*h, I want you act like you gon’ do somethin’
I see murder in my eyes
pu**y n***a, you ain’t sayin’ nothin’
Inside, got these n***as waitin’ up in line
Catch ’em bad and end up sprayin’ somethin’

[Verse 1]
My manager call, boom, mouth full of pills, n***a
Tell that boy I’ma see him, n***a
Tell him I say don’t come fish around this lake, b*t*h, and that’s real, n***a
Seven murders in my hometown, tell them b*t*hes I did that

Soon as the other boy touch down, I’ma be pushin’ his wig bag
Dog-ass ho chasin’ after dough, f**k around with thesе opp n***as
See they cookin’ up, I ain’t gon’ stand down, tell that b*t*h that I’m tryna bang with ’em
Rеal dead man out in Relly Park, I done arranged killers
Mask down on Sunset with them dirty sticks, leave a stain with ’em
Mask on, slang that heater
Man down, call the people
Got ’em tryna troll

pu**y n***a drove that he can’t get no feature
I got meds in my kidney, sippin’ mud out the liter
Want my own cemetery, get ’em buried, call the preacher
Don’t like me, then f**k ’em, I won’t go that way with gang, n***a
Log offline, get active, f**k your caption, what you sayin’, n***a?
pu**y-ass n***as ain’t trappers, they ain’t factors, they can’t hang with us
As soon as your ass get captured, I just hope you got your mans with you

That’s two for one
Pick ’em out, just choose you somethin’
Dead rapper
I been trippin’, Obama know just how I come
Bet the mayor of LA know from his city, b*t*h, I done put sh*t under
Known disses and a n***a know I’m still sellin’ bar like I ain’t got no money

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