zbastuj bajerke ​chillwagon Lyrics English

[Chorus: Busza, ZetHa , Busza & ZetHa ]
Zbastuj a fairy-tale, aa-ah , well, a bajerka, oo-oh a
bajerka, aa-ah , a bajerka , aa , oo-oh
, a bajerka, aa-ah , well, Zbastuj fairy tale, oo-oh
Zbastuj fairy-tale, aa-ah , zbastuj fairy-tale, oo-oh

[Verse 1: Borixon]
I am almost three dozen here already playing this game, mordzia, zastować fairy tale
Life is beautiful, re-re-shark. .. Meet my jaw, I eat your fishing rod

[Verse 2: olszakumpel]
Ro-do-do it on my own, just like your homies at night, but I blast it on her, not pour it on the blanket
When I throw it on the noose, be careful what you bitch about because the career will be short, mummy, yeah like my hair

[Verse 3: Qry]
You gotta be quiet,hey, when you gotta be quiet (you gotta be!) you
gotta know that, uuu, because-cause you can rip (hey!)
I’m from home and I’m flying on blocks, blocks , I have a commodity as valuable as a coca (coca!)
I don’t give a fuck off here for show, Livin ‘la vida loca , although I can behave as well, oo-oh

[Chorus: Busza, ZetHa , Busza & ZetHa ]
Fuck off a fairy tale, aa-ah well, make a fairy tale,oo-oh,
bang a fairy tale, aa-ah , bast a fairy tale, oh
 , oo-oh

[Verse 4: Bush] I
stick my style with a firework, my team, wash my hand with my hand (squad!)
I make a new banger, cut still there is a gangway, a gangway (prrra!)
It’s like a villa, but it’s a squadhouse, the phone rings, although on vacation the sky is cloudless, and I hear the drip , hey, hey, hey,
I’m not listening blah, blah, hey

[Verse 5: ZetHa]
The pilot’s son is not with us, Pilate is not here, remember after the pandemic, I still wash my paw
Wherever I am, the cottage is smoky, I eat the scene with relish even before Pac (Pac, Pac, Pac …)

[Verse 6: Kizo]
I’m the boss myself, you turned pale like Uncle Fester
Because you are greedy, Kizo has Ester 300 PLN, I’ll cure you quickly.
No guitar playing, I’m banging on the drum, dirty curtain, I’m going out
. bajerkę plan for such zjebów, Call center man

[Verse 7: Żabson]
I am here chillwagonie’m like left at Bayern, and you’re left and speaks unnecessarily
when you listen to what I ear fades, flimsy chance you opened a flower shop

[Chorus: Bush,ZetHa , Busza & ZetHa ]
Get a fairy tale, aa-ah , well, get a fairy tale, oo-oh
Get a fairy tale, aa-ah , get a fairy tale, hey, oo-oh

[Verse 8: ReTo]
What are you
fucking up there? What? That you would prefer a different rap? (aha!) Then get the fuck out of the gate, because I’ll tow you away, dog, a kysz, a kysz
Я не говорю по испански , but in Barcelona I was burning joints It’s
hard to make money, because think is profit, and you gobble up your mouth fox (oo-oh …)

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